Testimonials From Our Clients

The Best! The Best! The Best!

by Delphina S.
We are absolutely happy with the job that the Specialized Refinishing Company did with our bathrooms. We just bought this old house in the 5 points area. The existing tile and counters in the bathrooms were an outdated pepto pink! For an excellent and quick transformation of your existing kitchen or bathroom, the Specialized Refinishing Company is definitely the way to go. There are different colors or you could customize by combining different colors and stone looks. We elected to combine our favorite earth tone colors on the tile surrounds and counters and do the tubs in a dark brown. We are very happy with the outcome. It’s definitely unique and artistic. The Specialized Refinishing Company was very professional and knew their stuff. We were fortunate to find such a great company to transform our home. Great job!

Raleigh’s Best Refinishing Company!

by Marty A.
The Specialized Refinishing Co. fixed my fiberglass tub in June of last year. It had a 2 foot crack down the middle and the other companies said they could not fix it or that they couldn’t guarantee that the crack wouldn’t come back. That is until I found the Specialized Refinishing Co. It has been almost a year and it still looks great. No problems at all. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get it done right the first time.

Can’t say enough good things about these people!

by Jacob S.
I think this place is top rate. I had a whole kitchen resurfaced and it is the highlight of my home now. I wish I found them sooner. I was collecting estimates to retile my backsplash and re-laminate. The price was more then I had and I didn’t have much time to get it done. These guys gave me a new looking kitchen in 1 day and for half of the price of putting in new! This was by far the most economical solution and it looks absolutely amazing! can’t beat that! Highly recommend these people. They were friendly and I plan to use them again for my bathroom!

Great way to spruce up a tub!

by Jerald P.
This place did a great job on my tub. I highly recommend them. There are very few tub reglazing companies that actually answer the phone and show up when they say. The Specialized Refinishing Co. did. They are the best in my opinion. Thanks for everything!

Very Impressive!

by David P.
I am VERY impressed with the Specialized Refinishing Companies variety and their work. They offered many things that the other companies didn’t offer. I had no idea that bathtubs and counter tops could be resurfaced. I was thinking about installing new ones. It would have been expensive and I didn’t want several days of demolition and headache. I am very happy with their work and professional technicians.

If you want it done right, call this place!

by Maria C.
Wish I found these people sooner. They have a great website, the man who answered the phone knew all about the services, the price was good for me and the quality of work is fantastic. I never used to take baths because my tub and tile was disgusting. I have taken several baths now.

Super Satisfied!

by Rebecca C.
Fair price, amazing results, on time, friendly, and informative.

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