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Affordable Shower Tile Reglazing

If damaged or unattractive shower tiles are making the entire bathroom look unappealing, it’s time to call Specialized Refinishing for professional shower tile reglazing in Charlotte. In just a few hours, our team can turn old tile and stained grout into a brand new, glossy look that isn’t just gorgeous, it’s low maintenance, too!

How Does Shower Tile Reglazing Work?

Similar to bathtub refinishing, shower tile resurfacing is where a new coat of enamel or glaze is applied over existing tile in order to cover a color, hide flaws, and update the appearance. While it may sound similar to painting sheetrock, it’s actually a much more intensive, multi-step process (but one that is much easier and faster than installing new tile!).

First, we put up an exhaust system and seal the bathroom to keep odors or fumes to a minimum. Then we remove any caulk that could contaminate the glaze and repair or replace areas of damage or missing tile to create a smooth overall look. We etch the tiles so that the new glaze will properly adhere, and once that step is complete, we thoroughly clean the shower with a degreaser to eliminate any grease or dirt that could affect the outcome.

After the tile is prepared, we prime the tiles, then add a factory-grade tile glaze in the shade you’ve chosen. Finally, we apply a clear coat sealant to create a glossy look that also protects the tile. Even though there are multiple steps, we are often done in just a few hours. Following a 48-hour period of allowing the glaze to cure, your shower is ready to use.

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Why Shower Tile Resurfacing?

If you're debating installing new shower tile or refinishing your existing tile, consider the benefits you'll experience with professional tile reglazing:

If you’re debating whether you should choose shower tile refinishing or replacement, consider the benefits of professional tile reglazing:

  • Affordable: Replacing and installing new tile is expensive, even when you choose to do it yourself. Reglazing is a fraction of the cost!
  • Fast: Tiling is a long, complicated process that can take days to install and mistakes are very obvious. Tile reglazing can be done in a few hours from start to finish!
  • Hassle Free: Cleaning up the mess of tearing out old tile and installing new tile is exhausting. At Specialized Refinishing, we take care of any mess and use a powerful exhaust system to prevent fumes!
  • Customized: You’ll get the exact color you want from our amazing variety of glaze options!
  • Low Maintenance: We don’t just glaze the tile, we seal the grout to create an impermeable barrier that prevents stains, mold, and mildew.
  • Eco-Friendly: By refinishing your tile instead of replacing it, you’re keeping hundreds of pounds of trash out of a landfill.
  • Long-lasting: Reglazing maintains its beauty and finish for years with minimal care and maintenance.

Why Choose Specialized Refinishing?

t Specialized Refinishing, our number one goal is customer service, and we provide that through durable, affordable kitchen and bathroom refinishing services that add beauty and value to your home. We have a team of certified refinishing technicians and an inventory of cutting edge tools and high-end finishing materials, so you can feel confident in leaving your shower in our capable hands.

With hundreds of 5-star ratings and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we have an earned reputation for excellence.

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