Chapel Hill Bath Tub Refinishing Experts

When it comes time to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, you have so many more options today than you ever have before. In the past, things pretty much always had to just be replaced. Now, things can be restored, refinished, resurfaced, reglazed, and recolored. These days, almost any hard surface can be refinished. Everything from fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic, formica, plastics, wood, metal, laminate, cast iron tubs, showers, ceramic tile, countertops, cupboards, and even antique surfaces can be refinished to your liking!

Our ability to refinish, resurface, and reglaze surfaces allows you to save up to 80% over the cost of a replacement, and can add years and years to the life of your medium! Chips, cracks, stains, etc can be very difficult to completely get rid of, they’re not only unsightly but compromise the integrity of your things. With the help of our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts, we can have your old fixtures and brighten your rooms in mere hours or days! You can then pass on these savings to areas of the home that really need it. Bathtub refinishing services can give your tub that new look you’ve always wanted!

Chapel Hill Bathroom Refinishing

Specialized Refinishing porcelain bathtub refinishingOur bathroom remodeling experts can take your bathroom from dingy to wow! From countertops and dressing tables to showers and tubs, we have both the tools and experience to make your bathroom what it once was, maybe even more!

Bathtub Refinishing and Shower Refinishing

Do your shower and bath make you cringe every time you get in? Is your tub or shower starting to crack, chip, stain, or anything that makes it look bad? Years ago when you wanted to freshen things up, your options were pretty much to paint it, or to completely replace it, refinishing wasn’t an option! These days you can have your tub reglazed, resurfaced, or refinished on-location. So, rather than essentially tearing out your whole bathroom, you can just refinish for a fraction of the price and increase the life-span on your medium greatly!

Specialized Refinishing Co. specializes in all types of bathtubs, cast iron tubs, pedestal tubs, showers, clawfoot bathtubs, and showers. For a mere fraction of the cost of replacement, our professional team can come in and reglaze, resurface, refinish, restore, or repair your bathtub. Please, check out some of our work here! Specialized Refinishing should be your go-to for any shower and bathtub refinishing needs in Chapel Hill NC. 

Sinks and Vanities

Specialized Refinishing Co. prides themselves on their ability to use their expertise and high quality materials to resurface, refinish, or reglaze your sink or vanity. The quality of the refinishing job itself depends on how methodically its done and the quality of the products used in the process. We only use the finest materials available to us, it shows in the quality of the work and we want the best for our customers.

All of our products come from They are the #1 supplier in the business, and its been that way for more than two decades. All of our refinishing experts are certified and have to complete a stringent training program for resurfacing, reglazing, and refinishing alike. We pride ourselves on having the best technicians around, they can handle almost anything!

Chapel Hill Kitchen Refinishing

Do you look at your kitchen and just get disappointed? Specialized Bathtub refinishingRefinishing can do a lot to make almost any room in your home shine like it once did. From cabinets to counter tops, we can refinish many different things in your kitchen to leave it looking like new again!

Cupboard Refinishing

Chapel Hill cupboard refinishing, staining, painting, resurfacing, and painting is another option you can consider if you’re looking into having your kitchen look like new. Plus, you don’t have to replace the cupboards you already have! The cost of entirely replacing your cupboard is going to cost many times more than a nice refinish. That’s pretty crazy to think about right? Plus, the amount of finishes available these days are nearly endless!

Counter Top Refinishing

A nice refinish to a countertop can truly change the look of an entire room, and all of that without the cost or time associated with a total replacement! Depending on what you need done, you’re only looking at a 1-2 day with no mess left over for you. We always have a large supply of real stone countertops in all types of finishes and colors. Please feel free to call us with any questions or for a rough estimate for having your countertop refinished.

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