Clayton Bathtub Refinishing Experts

You have so many different choices when it comes to rejuvenating your existing Clayton kitchen and bathrooms, even when it comes to refurbishing antique items. With methods like restoring, refinishing, resurfacing, reglazing, and recoloring choices. Almost any hard surface can be refinished these days. Fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain, laminate, formica, metals, plastics, wood, cast iron tubs, showers, ceramic tile, sinks, vanities, countertops, antiques, cupboards, and classic furniture can be refinished to your liking. The best value service that we offer is bathtub refinishing,

Our refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing surfaces can assist you in saving up to 80% over the cost of purchasing a brand new replacement for it. Stains, burn marks, and chips can be challenging to completely get rid of, they are unsightly and possibly even unhealthy. Beyond even that though, it just gives customers or guest a bad impression. With the help of our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts, you can refinish your old fixtures and brighten your whole home in mere hours or days! And, you can use these savings to remodel other things in your home! Learn more about the amazing service that is refinishing bathtubs.

Clayton Bathroom Refinishing

Specialized Refinishing bath refinishingOur bathroom remodeling experts can help you get your bathroom looking like new! From showers and tubs to things like bathroom countertops and dressing tables, we have both the tools and experience to make your bathroom as wonderful as it once was years ago!

Bathtub and Showers

Is your shower or bath just disgusting? Is your tub or shower starting to form cracks/chips, stains, hard-spots, and just plain look old? Years ago when you wanted to remodel your bathtub or shower, you would have to buy and install a complete replacement, refinishing wasn’t an option at all! These days, you can have your shower to bath tub refinished, resurfaced, or reglazed on-site. This means rather than essential tearing our your whole bathroom for some tub stains, you can have it refinished in place for a lot cheaper, and you’re even expanding its lifetime for a while longer! We can even repair chips, cracks, and holes.

Specialized Refinishing Co. specializes in all types of bathtubs, cast iron tubs, clawfoot bathtubs, pedestal tubs, and showers. For literally a mere fraction of the cost of a replacement, we can come in and professionally repair, restore, recolor, resurface, reglaze, and refinish your bathtub. Check our some of our work here! Specialized Refinishing should be your go-to for any shower and bathtub refinishing needs in Clayton NC.

Sinks and Vanities

Specialized Refinishing Co. uses both their expertise and quality materials/processes to repair, restore, refinish, resurface, reglaze, and recolor your sink or vanity. The quality and longevity of the refinishing job depends on how methodically it’s done and the quality of the products used to do it. We always make sure our customers get the finest materials available. Our products and other things come from

They are THE #1 supplies in the business, and have been for over two decades. All of our bathroom refinishing technicians are certified and have to complete a stringent training program for refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing alike. We do not take the skills of our technician lightly, we want the best work possible out there. If your sink looks like a stain in your bathroom, you need sink refinishing!

Clayton Kitchen Refinishing Specialized Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet Wake Forest NC

Does your kitchen just look drab to you every day you see it? Well, Specialized Refinishing can do a lot for your kitchen and home in general. From cabinets to counter tops, we can refinish many different things in your kitchen to leave it looking like new again!

Cupboard Refinishing

Clayton cupboard refinishing, resurfacing, staining, and painting is another service we offer with rejuvenating your kitchen in mind. Plus, you won’t have to replace your existing cupboards! The cost of giving your cupboard a new lease on life is a mere fraction of what it would cost you to get a new one. The finishes you can choose from are nearly endless these days!

Counter Top Refinishing

Refinished or resurfaces countertops have the uncanny ability to transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen, without the cost and headache of replacement costs. This can all be done in 1-2 days with little to no mess at all. We have a large supply or real stone countertops in all types of finishes and colors. Call now with any questions or for a rough estimate on refinishing your countertops.

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