Raleigh Bathtub Refinishing & Repair Experts

shiny bathtubThe single most popular service that we offer in Raleigh is our Bathtub Refinishing services. More often than not people call us in because the finish on a bathtub has been chipped or cracked, is becoming discolored, or they just can’t stand having that color in the bathroom any longer. Specialized Refinishing handles these types of problems day in and day out.

Most tubs that we reglaze do have chips or cracks of some sort, so whether you call us for a repair or a refinish, the process is usually about the same. You’ve got to have a nice surface underneath if you want the refinish to last! If you’re looking for the absolute highest quality in bathtub refinishing in the Raleigh North Carolina area, you need to call the pros at Specialized Refinishing. For a fraction of the cost of a replacement, we professionally repair, restore, refinish, resurface, reglaze, and recolor your bathtub.

Bathtub Refinishing Raleigh NC

Bathtub Refinishing Raleigh NC

Do you need Bathtub Refinishing Raleigh NC?  Well you’re in luck because it just so happens that we specialize in bathtub refinishing!  We can repair your bathtub like it is brand new!  Have a blemish spot on your bathtub that needs repair?  We can fix bathtubs to like new condition!  We have expert trained technicians and you will be surprised at the end of the job when you realize that we did not replace your tub, but it is your old tub refinished!  We can replace your hardware with new hardware and give your old bathtub a new look!  People are shocked that it is their old tub!  We can finish your bathtub with different colors and surface textures.  Call us for a FREE QUOTE or use the contact form on the right side of this website!  Experts are ready to help you!  This will easily increase the value of your home and help you resell your home! Specialized Refinishing are the experts when it comes to all things refinishing.

Bathtub Reglazing Raleigh NC

Bathtub Reglazing Raleigh NC

 We are the best at bathtub reglazing Raleigh NC!  We will reglaze your bathtub and leave it with a professional look and feel so that it looks BRAND NEW! You’ll be amazed at how we can turn your old bathtub into a new looking bathtub in matter of a few days!  This will add value to your home and will last for years to come.  We can reglaze in a variety of colors and finishes and can install new hardware to make your entire bathroom sparkle! Give your loved one a gift that will last for many years to come! Have an old or scratched up tub that looks bad but don’t want to replace it? With our professional bathtub refinishing services, you can have your tub looking like new in a mere matter of days! It may not sound like much, but bathtub refinishing and resurfacing is a truly amazing and game changing service.

Shower Tile Repair and Refinishing

Are the tiles in your shower cracked, chipped, scratched, stained, always dirty, or does the color just disgust you? You’re in luck because we offer professional shower tile refinishing and reglazing in Raleigh and beyond! A full shower replacement will cost you many thousands and could take weeks to complete. We can give you an entire new feel for a mere fraction of the cost and usually in mere hours! It’s so easy to accidentally drop something and break or crack a tile in your bathroom, but with our repair and refinishing services you don’t have anything to worry about.

Fiberglass Gelcoat Shower Refinishing and Repair

Is your shower, chipped, cracked, scratched, stained, or just a color that you can’t stand any longer? A full shower replacement used to be the only option, but today, with our local Raleigh North Carolina fiberglass shower repair and refinishing experts, any type of fiberglass/gelcoat bathroom fixture can be repaired, restored, refinished, resurfaced, reglazed, and recolored on site without removal and in just a few hours! It’s not all that hard to accidentally knock a hole in your fiberglass shower, but now you don’t have to worry quite as much when you do! You know that the team at Specialized Refinishing is here to take care of you.

Countertop and Vanity Refinishing Raleigh NC

Do you have an ugly or damaged countertop or vanity in your bathroom? Is your countertop or vanity top, chipped, cracked, scratched, stained, burned, or just an eye sore? A full countertop or vanity top replacement use to be the only option, but today you can get Raleigh countertop and vanity refinishing completed in a matter of mere hours!

Specialized Refinishing Co. combines experience and quality materials to repair, restore, refinish, resurface, reglaze, and recolor your kitchen or bathroom countertops. We are not the cheapest in town, but I can promise you the utmost professional service and highest quality of materials that are available in the business. We can also refinish your kitchen countertop too and restore it to its former glory! You will get what you pay for, your refinish will last you for a very long time to come.

Learn more about our Raleigh Services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!