Practical Ways to Revive an Old Bathroom

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Old Bathrooms Get a Second Chance Too!

Is your bathroom turning out to be an old, boring and outdated space? The idea of a bathroom remodel can be too stressful for many homeowners. Who wants to even THINK about the bathroom being in "remodel" mode for a week or two?? But what if we shared some incredible ideas to revamp your space without complete chaos? If you have an older bathroom, consider these practical ideas to spice it up a little bit.

Change the fixtures

Start with the simple elements like the faucet that’s leaking. It’s smart to start by changing it. You can even replace the sink with a simple pedestal sink that occupies less space. Talk to us about refinishing your sink to get it that brand new look and feel. Check out our bathroom refinishing page!  Give the tiles a bright color then paint the walls white.

Wall decors

Hang something on your bathroom wall just to give it a completely new look and feel. You can hang an artwork that you love with a wood or metallic frame to give it some unique character. A clear background would be ideal so be sure to paint the walls with a solid color.

Add fun curtains

Add life to your bathroom space by using a fun wallpaper or curtain to spice up the area. You can use a flowery curtain or something really funny. Bathrooms are the only space you can be daring without any fears. Take this as an opportunity to try something new.

Paint the electrical outlet covers

If you decided to paint the bathroom walls, make sure the electrical outlets do not appear unsightly on the bathroom space. You can cover them with paint which is the same color as what you have on the wall.

Put a wallpaper

A wall paper in your bathroom wall can make the space look a lot more interesting. Choose a wall paper that blends well with your tiles. You can select a color and pattern that is similar to what you have on the tiles. The shower curtain can be plain if you are going to have colorful wallpaper. Try not to make it too made up.

Make it more functional

You can also add towel bars or hooks in the bathroom to get some places to store items. Glass shelves can also make the space look neat and organized. When choosing containers for your bathroom, you should select those that add personality to that space.

All these simple and practical details will make your bathroom look different in a nice way. For professional help in bringing your old bathroom back to life again, get in touch with Specialized Refinishing.  There is no need for total replacement just to make your bathroom look and feel new again. Talk with the refinishing experts in the Raleigh Triangle area today for more information!  Now serving Cary NC! Even if you've got a massive antique tub, we can refinish your bathtub to get it looking like new and give it a longer lifespan!