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Why You Really Need To Have A Pro Refinish Your Bathtub

Professional Bathtub Refinishers If you look for it, their are countless DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos and articles on the internet. Authors of most of these materials mean well. Many times the instructions look clear enough to roughly follow, or if it is a video, it looks pretty simple as the person on the other side is […]

Benefits of Getting Your Bathtub Refinished

Benefits of Getting Your Bathtub Refinished If your bathtub is old, damaged or chipped, you may be considering getting a new one. Well, i’ll stop you right there! Buying a brand new bathtub can end up being a huge expense for your home, one that you shouldn’t take on unless you truly have to. Let’s […]

Should You Reglaze Or Just Replace Your Tub?

Reglaze Or Replace? When it’s time for that old bathroom to get a facelift, you’ll want to take a good look at the tub. Changing the bathtub will have a visual impact on the rest of the bathroom. If the bath does not match, the style and color of the other fixtures the room will […]

Update Your Bath On A Budget – Part 2

To continue with the bathroom refinishing theme we started with our earlier blog this month, here are some more tips to consider when handling a bathroom refinishing project. Emphasize Lighting One of the most important aspects to consider when handling a bathroom refinishing task is lighting. An ordinary light fixture may not be the best […]

What To Do About A Crack In Porcelain Sinks

Oh No! Your Porcelain Sink has Cracked! What Now? So many things can lead to a chip or cracks in a porcelain sink. Heavy usage can result in cracks appearing or the unintentional dropping of a hefty object on the porcelain can chip off parts of the enamel. All these chips and cracks can be […]

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