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Dispelling Common Bathtub Refinishing Myths

Common Misconceptions You May Have Heard About Bathtub Refinishing The surface of your bathtub could become damaged, stained, worn, chipped, and scratched for any number of reasons. When the bathtub surface is damaged or permeable in any way, it can soak up the soap, scum, dirt, and germs deep into it. This can make the […]

Why YOU Need a Professional Bathtub Refinisher

Why You Need a Professional to Refinish Your Bathtub! When it comes to bathtub refinishing, not everything can be DIY. At times, all you need is to step aside and let the professionals do the job for you. Why? Every time you do-it-yourself and fail to perfectly prep the area, you may be in for […]

Bathtub Refinishing, Does Your Home Need It?

Would Bathtub Refinishing be of use to Your Home? After you live in your home for a while, things just degrade over time and eventually need some kind of repairs or attention to keep them working well and avoid replacement. For example, there may be stains built up on your bathtub that make it look filthy – even though you […]

What Exactly CAN You Refinish in Your Home?

Whether it be for the holidays or you’re just hosting people because you can, the best thing you can do to set your home apart and make it look newer and more fresh overall is our refinishing services. it is crucial that you refinish the dullest parts of your home, not only will they look […]

Big Facts About Cabinet Refinishing

All You Need to Know and Understand About Cabinet Refinishing Have you ever heard about cabinet refinishing? Have you been looking to change the way your cabinets look? If you think about it, a lot of rooms in the house have cabinets; including the kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, and even some living rooms. Most cabinets are […]

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