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Which is Better – Acrylic or Fiberglass Showers?

Acrylic VS Fiberglass Showers There are plenty of advantages to acrylic and fiberglass showers that make them an excellent choice for those who want to refurbish their bathroom without breaking the bank. Much more affordable than stone and ceramic, they also have the added advantage of not needing to be sealed or grouted- so they’re […]

Let’s Get That Dingy Bathtub Like New! Pick A Color!

Let’s Get Your Bath Tub Looking Like New! Bathtubs are an incredible luxury that have only gotten better over time.  Being able to fill your bath with hot water with the turn of the knob is awesome.  The fact that we can have beautiful, colored finishing on the bathtub makes this amazing creation fit in […]

Save That Antique Tub With Refinishing

Even Your Antique Tub Can Be Refinished Vintage clawfoot tubs are timeless. Mirroring the Victorian Era, they create a traditional and authentic atmosphere. They’re original and associated with luxury, making any bathroom picturesque. However, old fixtures can have complications. Perhaps the enamel is chipped and discolored, or the floor is caked in gunk. Maybe the […]

Should You Repair Or Replace That Porcelain Bathtub?

Porcelain Bath tub, to Repair or Replace? There comes a time in every porcelain bathtub’s life when the question is asked, should it be repaired or replaced? Though the easier option would seem to be to replace the old tub, that is often not the case. What looks like a quick and easy bathtub replacement […]

Reglazing Your Old Bathtub

Restore Your Old Bathtub to its Former Glory! An old and stained bathtub can definitely take all the fun out of having a relaxing bath; it actually makes your bathroom a dreaded part of the house. As your bath tub ages it becomes more difficult to clean the bathtub stains using regular cleaning methods because […]

Tub Refinishing Over Total Replacement

To Refinish or To Replace? Wish your old bath tub will look new again? When it comes to bath tubs, you always have two options. You can either choose to refinish an old bathtub or buy a totally new piece. Both come with respective advantages and disadvantages.  However, if you want to be practical and […]

Choosing to Refinish Your Bath Tub

Bath Tub Refinishing The bathroom is your private oasis. It needs to be given as much care as other parts of the house like the sitting room and kitchen. If the bath tub is stained and chipped, it’s time to consider bathtub refurbishing. The bath tub is supposed to be appealing so that it can create a relaxing […]

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Tub Refinishing Instead of Total Replacement

Don’t go Out and Buy a Whole New Bathtub! You will always have two options when it comes to an old tub. These include refinishing or replacing the tub. Both come with their advantages and disadvantages. Professionally Refinishing a bath tub is a good way to go as compared to a total replacement for a […]

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathtub

Things You NEED To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Bathtub You should consider your bathroom one of the special places in your home. A place where you can relax, release the tension from the day’s activities and enjoy a good soak in your bathtub. Always keep bath tub refinishing in mind before you replace […]

Save Money by Repairing and Refinishing Your Bathtub

Save Money, Refinish Your Bathtub! After many years of loyal service, your bathtub is bound to buckle under the pressure. Bathtub drains get rusty, the tub develops stains, fixtures start falling off, the shower curtain becomes dirty and the entire bath area ends up being an eyesore. It often happens over a long period and […]

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