7 12, 2018

Should You Refinish Your Cabinets Before all of the Holiday Cooking Starts?

2020-03-17T17:05:55-04:00December 7th, 2018|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing|

Why Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is Ideal for the Holidays A kitchen remodel can add significant value to your home, which might explain why they are so popular. Another good thing about kitchen cabinet refinishing is that you will not need to spend much in order to get the kitchen of your dreams especially ahead of [...]

22 08, 2018

Bathroom Repair – When Do I Need A Pro?

2020-03-09T14:51:18-04:00August 22nd, 2018|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing|

Can You DIY Or Do You Need A Professional? Bathroom repair or remodeling generally offers you the highest return on investment compared to any other project you can do in your home. However, nobody really wants to do their own bathroom or repair their own shower. Bathroom remodeling and repair involves tile, electrical, and plumbing work, [...]

10 07, 2017

How To Tell If Your Bathtub Needs Reglazing

2020-04-13T15:59:15-04:00July 10th, 2017|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing, Tile Shower Refinishing and Reglazing|

Does Your Raleigh Bath Tub Need To Be Refinished? Have you walked into your recently updated bathroom and realized something is just not right? The tiles are lovely and clean, and the new lighting was just installed a few days ago, but something is off. Looking around you wonder what it is that is making [...]

7 09, 2013

Tile Refinishing Raleigh NC

2020-03-09T14:50:00-04:00September 7th, 2013|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing|

Tile Refinishing Raleigh NC We offer professional Tile Refinishing services.  Tile and grout refinishing transforms the appearance of a dated kitchen or bathroom.  The wall, shower, floor, and counter tile can be refinished without having to deal with construction and the mess associated with the re-tiling process. Our process is faster, less expensive, with no [...]

18 07, 2013

Refinishing Cabinets Raleigh NC

2020-04-16T12:41:25-04:00July 18th, 2013|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing|

Refinishing Cabinets Raleigh NC We do professional Cabinet Refinishing Raleigh NC.  We can give you a FREE quote for a great way to liven up your living space and increase the value of your home.  Save money instead of replacing your cabinets with one phone call to us!  We use the best quality materials and [...]

15 07, 2013

Countertops Raleigh NC

2018-12-19T11:00:38-05:00July 15th, 2013|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing|

Countertops Raleigh NC Countertops Raleigh NC We specialize in finishing and restoring countertops Raleigh NC. We can provide you a free quote for repairing and installing new countertops. One call does it all!  In home consultation is available. We consistently beat the major retailers on price and service! We import granite slabs from [...]

5 06, 2013

Bathroom Remodeling Raleigh

2019-12-12T10:09:58-05:00June 5th, 2013|Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Refinishing|

We specialize in Bathroom Remodeling Raleigh Projects! Bathroom Remodeling Raleigh Please contact us for your bathroom remodeling projects! We will take great care in remodeling your bathroom to bring it up to modern standards. At Specialized Refinishing Inc, we will provide your family with a personalized design.  We use high quality materials and skilled [...]