Fort Mill Bathtub Refinishing & Repair Experts

fort mill sc bathtub refinishingOne of the most popular service which we provide from the Fort Mill region is that our Bathtub Refinishing services. More frequently than not people call us because they can not stand the colour of the bathtub, it has cracks or chips, or some type of discoloration which simply can’t be removed. Specialized Refinishing manages these kinds of issues day in and day out. Most tubs we work on do have cracks or chips of some type, so if you call us for crack repair or refinishing, the practice is generally about the same. If you’re searching for the absolute greatest quality in tub remodeling at the Fort Mill South Carolina region, we guarantee that the whole surface of the tub is in great shape and ready for refinishing, then you want to call the experts in Specialized Refinishing. For a portion of the expense of a replacement, we expertly repair, restore, refinish, refinish, reglaze, and recolor your tub.

Sink Refinishing Services Fort Mill

People frequently come to us with queries about trimming their sinks to exactly the very same reasons we call us about tubs. Discoloring? Chipped? Cracked? Just hate the color? Specialized handles all those problems for you fast and painlessly. Kitchen sink refinishing and bathroom sink refinishing — we have been doing these kinds of jobs for many years now. You may be certain that if it can happen, we have probably seen it in a Fort Mill home and are prepared to handle it. We have seen and completed thousands of these kinds of jobs since we opened our doors. We’re proud that our results can speak for themselves at the Fort Mill area and beyond! We also ensure that we only use the absolute greatest quality materials, our customers deserve only the very best.

Shower Tile Repair and Refinishing

A complete shower replacement will cost you many thousands and may take weeks to finish. We can give your bathroom tiles a whole new feeling for a mere fraction of the price and generally in only hours with our shower tile refinishing and reglazing! It is really easy to accidentally lose something and crack or break a tile in the bathroom, but using our repair and remodeling services that you do not have a thing to be worried about.

Fiberglass Shower Gelocoat Refinishing and Repair

Is your shower, chipped, cracked, stained, stained, or just a shade that you can not endure any longer? An entire shower replacement was the only choice, but now, with our regional Fort Mill South Carolina fiberglass bathtub repair and refinishing specialists, any sort of fiberglass/gelcoat toilet fixture could be repaired, restored, refinished, resurfaced, reglazed, and recolored on site without total removal and in only a couple hours! Accidents happen and that is only a simple fact of life, lucky for you we are here and willing to assist you with whatever may develop. The staff at Specialized Refinishing is always looking out for you.

Countertop and Vanity Refinishing Fort Mill SC

Have you got an ugly or ruined countertop or vanity? Is the vanity chipped, cracked, stained, stained, burned, or simply an eye sore? A complete countertop or vanity replacement used to be the only choice, but nowadays you’ll be able to buy Davidson counter tops and vanity refinishing finished in a matter of mere hours! Specialized Refinishing Co. combines expertise and quality materials to fix, restore, refinish, refinish, reglaze, and recolor your kitchen or bathroom counter tops. We might not be the most economical in town but for this you get exactly what you pay for. If you’d like the best outcomes possible, you have to visit us. Your refinishing will continue way far into the future when all is completed professionally and correctly!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

cabinet refinishing in fort mill scFort Mill kitchen cabinet remodeling , staining, resurfacing, and painting is just another of our services which we provide. It may greatly alter the overall look of your kitchen together, and you do not even have to replace your present cabinets! Kitchen cabinet refinishing comes in at a true fraction of the price of replacement and may be carried out in only days compared to weeks to get complete replacement! Unless your cupboards are falling apart and need replacement, then you truly must look into Fort Mill SC cabinet remodeling services.

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