Bathtub Refinishing Thomasville

Your bathroom and kitchen could always use an upgrade, whether it be something as small as new tiles or as big as a whole kitchen refinish! Specialized Refinishing can handle refinishing almost any hard surface that you’d have in your bathroom or kitchen. Anything from the new and fancy to antique and delicate, we can refinish it as good as anyone! When some people think of refinishing all that comes to mind is bathtubs and things like that, while in reality we can do anything from porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, laminate, formica, alloys, plastics, wood, bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, clawfoot tubs, pedestal tubs, showers, ceramic tile, sinks, farm sinks, vanities, countertops, and cupboards.

Refinishing is touted as being more eco-friendly and green that full on replacement.

The pro’s at Specialized Refinishing can save you up to 80% of the price of replacement through refinishing. Antiques are not only extremely difficult if not impossible to replicate, but they can run you huge amounts of money. When you buy something you intend to make it last as long as possible, taking care of and maintaining your things can greatly expand their lifespan and save you a considerable amount of money. Beyond that, having degraded surfaces around your bathroom and kitchen just plain aren’t appealing to other people, they can actually leave your guest with quite a bad impression. Our high-quality refinishing services are one of the most cost effective ways to both give your kitchen or bathroom a new look and increase the value of your home!


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Thomasville Bathtub Refinishing

resurfaced countertop5Specialized Refinishing is ready to do the bathroom makeover that you’ve always wanted. Want your kitchen tiles redone? Or your bathtub refinished so you can finally confidently use it again? We have the tools and experience to turn your “bleh” bathroom into a space that you can’t get enough of! Specialized Refinishing offers some of the most affordable methods of making your bathroom a whole new place to you!

Showers and Bathtubs

Are you embarrassed to let others use your bathroom? Does your tub just have a look of advanced age to it, adorned with cracks, chips, and stains? And we all know how frustrating it is when no matter how much you clean that dull shadow stain will never come out. Most people simply jump to getting a new tub, they don’t consider all of the benefits of simply having the tub refinished! Specialized Refinishing in Thomasville NC is fully capable of masterfully refinishing your bathtub in a matter of mere hours.

Specialized Refinishing are the masters of bathtub and shower refinishing, from clawfoot tubs, to pedestals, to clawfoot tubs! Our master bathroom refinishers recolor, reglaze, repair, restore, and refinish your showers and tubs of any kind. Go here to see our before and following gallery! We get all of our supplies and everything from the best supplier in the market, the very reputable Hawklabs!

Vanities and Sinks

Specialized Refinishing uses a blend of both years of experience and expertise with the highest quality materials to give YOU the best results possible for whatever job you may need done. They come with the goal of making you say wow within as little as a few hours! A lot of things factor in to the look and longevity of any refinishing job. Among those are the quality of the materials, the care taken to do any prep work, and the skill of the refinishing professional. Lucky for you, Specialized Refinishing does all of these things amazingly, we will help you avoid any issues for a long time to come! We always make sure to use the highest quality materials. Our products come from They’ve been the #1 provider for more than two decades. Our technicians are trained and certified for resurfacing, refinishing, and reglazing. If you need sink refinishing, we’ve got you covered.

Thomasville Kitchen Refinishing

resurfaced countertop2Are you in dire need of a kitchen update? From counter tops and backsplashes to cabinets, the refinishing experts at Specialized Refinishing can have almost any hard surface in your kitchen looking better than new again! You can have so many different things done to so many different surfaces, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Cabinet Refinishing

At the Thomasville Specialized Refinishing office, we are able to resurface, refinish, stain, and resurface your cabinets, offering a new lease on life for your kitchen all together! Not much is more noticeable or sticks out more in a kitchen than the cabinets, but replacement can be not only a long process but can leave your kitchen a huge mess for as long as it may take, maybe even weeks. Our pros can have your cabinets looking like new in a matter of mere days, maybe even hours! Your options are nearly endless when it comes to kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Counter Top Refinishing

Want to upgrade the appearance of your counters without the burden of totally replacing them? Well, for a fraction of that cost, you can come to Specialized Refinishing for all of your refinishing and resurfacing needs. In a matter of mere days we can have you all done, with not nearly as much trouble! We offer an impressive array of solid colors and genuine stone finishes. Call us today or completed the contact form below for a FREE in house or over the phone estimate for your counter top refinishing.

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