Refinish Your Cabinets? Or Replace?

Do You Need to Refinish or Replace Your Cabinets?

Whether you are moving, don’t like the appearance of your cabinets, or are trying to spruce your place up in general, there is always the question of whether to replace or refinish the cabinets.  It can be a hard decision to make.  We want to help you make that decision by providing the information you need to make the right choice.

To Refinish Your Cabinets

First off, you have to understand that refinishing is not as easy of a task as it sounds.  It takes three to four days of good work to get the job done properly.  This timing is mentioned right off the bat because a lot of people opt for refinishing because they think it is a quick and easy solution to their need for great looking cabinets.
The unexpected length of time it takes to refinish your cabinets is more than made up for by the cost.  Refinishing cabinets is far less expensive than replacing them.  That means that you can save money, but only as long as the conditions are right.
For your cabinets to be eligible for refinishing they need to be in good shape. Refinishing is for those who have nice cabinets but only want to change the color of the cabinets. The process of refinishing is painting or staining, but it takes more than that. The cabinets also have to be stripped, sanded, and in most cases, primed.

To Replace Your Cabinets

Replacing your cabinets is a longer process than most expect it to be.  But it is also a process that allows you to get a whole new look in your kitchen.  Those who choose to replace their cabinets have one of two things in mind:

  • They want to change the style of their cabinets.
  • Their cabinets are in disrepair.

The process of replacing your cabinets is just like what it sounds.  You take everything cabinet out of your kitchen from the doors to the drawers.  New cabinetry is brought in and installed.
With replacing you can go from broken cabinets to brand new cabinets.  You can change the style from traditional to modern or any other style you want.
Now that you have information on the process of refinishing and replacing your cabinets, you have the power to make the right choice.  Which choice are you going to make?
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