Frequently Asked Questions


No! Absolutely not! Different companies use different products and procedures. The results often vary. Our customers receive the best materials available on the market. All employees are certified and complete a rigorous training program for refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing.

We are not the cheapest in town, but I can promise you the utmost professional service and highest quality of materials that are available in the business. If you decide to go with another company, just make sure that they are using top of the line products and the prep work is done correctly, as it makes a huge difference. Be sure to take a look at our before and after photos if you have not already done so.



We have heard a lot of stories from customers that have had a bad experience with other refinishing companies. Cheap products, inexperienced techs, surface failure, unreliable, inconsistent service, and lack of knowledge and dedication costs the client. Not only are these companies ripping you off, they are also giving our industry a bad name.

We are your Raleigh based refinishing professionals. We understand the importance of a quick turn around, fair price, and quality service. We are the operators and the owners. We do the work! You will not have a franchise based, lesser experienced employee show up. There is an owner on every single job that we do. One job or several we are there when you need us!


  • porcelain
  • fiberglass
  • ceramic
  • grout
  • laminate
  • formica
  • metals
  • plastics
  • wood

We specialize in:

  • bathtubs
  • cast iron bathtubs
  • clawfoot tubs
  • pedestal tubs
  • showers
  • ceramic tile
  • grout
  • sinks
  • farm sinks
  • vanities
  • vanity tops
  • countertops
  • cabinets
  • antique
  • antique furniture


Not with our New Eco Process. Yes with the traditional method, however we minimize these fumes and odors by using a sophisticated exhaust system that vents dust and odor to the outside while we work. Some companies use a box fan in a window, and that is simply not enough.



This is a myth. They are plastic looking, they can crack, and are limited to what surfaces they can go over. They are also up to 8 times the cost of refinishing. Many times the seal around the liner fails and allows water to get in between the liner and the tub causing mold damage, a squishy feel, and extensive problems.

Most liner companies will not warranty a liner unless they also install a wall system. This combination costs thousands of dollars. Our refinishing materials bond on a molecular level directly to the original surface. This eliminates air pockets, mold, mildew, cracking, and a squishy floor. Best of all, it will last just as long as a liner and is only a fraction of the price.



Yes, you can. No, we don’t recommend it. DIY kits are limited in strength and durability. They usually fail within a month or two. They typically consist of an epoxy coating that takes up to 5 days to dry and yellows significantly over time.

Most kits are rolled or brushed on the fixture, giving an unsightly looking amateur finish. Some kits are sprayed on with an aerosol can, causing uneven coverage, dry spray and drips. The mirror-like finish you really want cannot be achieved without proper training, experience, and professional equipment.



Yes, we use the same finishing process as the factory. It will have the exact same look and feel.



We can get as creative as you would like. We have made old beat up wooden kitchen tables look like decorative stone master pieces, bathroom tissue boxes and lighting fixtures look like granite to match the tile, even picture frames, pottery, antiques, antique furniture, and much more.



It can be used in 24hrs, but we always recommend to let it cure and harden for at least 48 hours.



Each job is different depending on repairs, preparation, and the actual surface. Most bathtubs take about 5 hours, where a custom kitchen countertop might be closer to 8 hours. Give us a call to discuss your surface. We will be able to give you a more accurate time frame after a few simple questions.



Today, yes they both describe the act of preparing and refinishing a surface.



We stock 2 shades of white and we can custom order any solid color. We also offer a stone finish for some surfaces.



Absolutely! We have several processes to repair fiberglass fixtures. The preferred method matches the severity of the damage. Call us and we’ll recommend the most cost effective solution.



More than likely shortcuts were taken during the preparation process or they used automotive paint instead of the proper refinishing products. This results in a weak bond between the topcoat and the previous finish.

We meticulously prepare the surface so the bond is super strong resulting in years of use. We use state of the art materials and textbook procedures every time.



We stock 2 shades of white and we can custom order any solid color. We also offer a stone finish for some surfaces.



We can fix cracks, rust, scratches, dull spots, chips, pits, discoloration, knife cuts, burns can all be repaired to look like new again.



No. It will not have brush marks or drips. The topcoat material is baked on with a spray gun that yields a super-smooth, high gloss finish.


Why Choose Specialized Refinishing?

Specialized Refinishing has proudly served the Raleigh area for over 20 years, and in that time, we have gained a reputation for excellent results and unbeatable customer service. We have experience with refinishing bathtubs, floor tiles, vanity tops, and more!

With an experienced team of certified technicians and an inventory of innovative equipment and factory-grade glazes and finishes, you can feel confident that we go above and beyond in our commitment to excellence.

To back up our work, all of our pool resurfacing and repair work is backed up by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

The Specialized Refinishing Advantage

Written Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our tub refinishing work & offer the best warranty in the business.

No Construction, No Mess

Unlike remodeling, refinishing causes minimal disruption to your home.

Factory Grade Finish

Our durable, industrial-strength coatings make your refinished bathtub like new.

Same Day Service

Most jobs are finished in 4 or 5 hours, not days or weeks.

28+ Years Experience

We’ve provided expert refinishing services since 1994.

A+ BBB Rating

With decades of service & 1000’s of happy customers, you can rely on us.