Countertop Refinishing: Professional Countertop Resurfacing Services

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Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Resurfacing

Give your kitchen or bathroom countertop a fresh, modern look for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Refinishing your countertops not only gives it a look you want, it can strengthen the surface and extend the lifespan of your countertops – all without a hefty cost or the hassle of kitchen renovation!

Whether you’re tired of an outdated kitchen or bathroom, or your existing countertop or vanity is chipped, stained, or a pain to keep clean, you don’t have to remove and replace it! Today, our experienced team can provide you with countertop refinishing and resurfacing that totally transforms the look of your kitchen or bathroom in just a few hours!

Why Choose Refinishing Services for Your Vanities and Countertops

If you want new countertops or a new vanity surface, choose countertop refinishing over replacement! Countertop resurfacing offers the following solutions and benefits:

  • Much less expensive: Our kitchen countertop experts can professionally refinish your kitchen surfaces for a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Faster: Instead of having to order a slab or piece, do demolition, and install your kitchen countertops, we can come in, do the job, and be gone in a few hours with countertops that will be ready to use fast!
  • No cleanup: With installation comes mess and no one wants to deal with a kitchen or bathroom they can’t use while it’s under construction! We do the countertop restoration and don’t leave a mess behind!
  • Eco-friendly: Instead of throwing an old kitchen countertop in the landfill and buying a new one, we can replace your existing countertop!
  • Customizeable: Get the exact look you want for your countertops from a variety of real stone finishes and solid colors!
  • Return on Investment: If you plan on selling your home, a kitchen renovation won’t get you what you pay into it, but you can show off a restored, revitalized kitchen or bathroom with resurfaced counters and even cabinets for a brand new, modern space that buyers will love!

Why Choose Us for Your Countertop Resurfacing

You might be wondering why to choose our professional kitchen and bathroom countertop resurfacing in Raleigh over installing new countertops or purchasing a DIY kit. Here’s just a few of the reasons why professional countertop services are right for you.

Our employees are certified, highly trained, and experienced in refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing, and we work on a variety of countertop surfaces, including:

  • Ceramic
  • Laminate
  • Formica
  • Plastics
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Grout
  • Plastics
  • Metal

Contact Us for Countertop Resurfacing

You want to transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom with gorgeous countertops, we can help you do it! Reach out to our countertop refinishing company for a quote or to learn more about our countertop refinishing services and solutions by calling us today.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Of course, we can also provide references from previous customers so you can hear first hand about our countertop refinishing services! In fact, we’re so confident in our quality, we offer a lifetime warranty on our kitchen countertop refinishing!

Care Instructions:

Please allow everything to cure for at least 48 hours before using your refinished countertop. When cleaning the countertop do not use any harsh chemicals or anything abrasive such as Comet or Ajax. Any household cleaner that doesn’t contain abrasives is fine. Please call us if you have any questions regarding your refinished kitchen or bathroom countertops. Abrasive cleaners can cause small scratches in the refinished countertop, and if anything gets under the countertop surface it will impact the effective lifespan of your refinishing job.

The Specialized Refinishing Advantage

Written Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our countertop refinishing work & offer the best warranty in the business.

No Construction, No Mess

Unlike remodeling, countertop refinishing causes minimal disruption to your home.

Factory Grade Finish

Our durable, industrial-strength coatings make your kitchen like new.

Same Day Service

Most kitchen countertops are finished in 4 or 5 hours, not days or weeks.

28+ Years Experience

We’ve provided expert countertop refinishing services since 1994.

A+ BBB Rating

With decades of service & 1000’s of happy customers, you can rely on our countertop refinishing services.