A Safer Bathtime

How to Make Bath Time Safer

After a long work day or a hard workout, there isn’t many better ways to relax than taking a nice shower or bath. You get some nice alone time and come out feeling clean and fresh. But just how safe is your bathroom? We hear cases of bathroom injuries pretty often, all of that water and hard surfaces can be quite dangerous. Children aged below 5 years and the elderly are at a higher risk of experiencing shower related injuries. With just a few tips you can make your bathroom far safer overall.
The safety of children when it comes to bath time is of the utmost importance. It is shown that over half of shower and bath related injuries occur to kids aged 5 and below. Regardless of how closely you watch your kids, it only takes seconds for an accident to happen. Kids are likely to suffer bad head and face injuries when they fall out in a slippery bathroom. At that age their heads can still be on the softer side, meaning more vulnerable brains. A bad fall could potentially even lead to a loss of life, and that’s the last thing that anyone wants. Below are some things you can do.

Bath Mats

Every bathroom needs to have bath mats and that’s a fact. Tile floors get slippery, whether it be from spilled shampoo, water, or just condensation. You should consider rubber bath mats with suction cups on the bottom, they’re extremely reliable. The stability that it gives you allows you to stop stressing and actually enjoy your time.
The big selling point for bath mats is how affordable and simple they ultimately are. Installing them is literally as easy as putting it down and pushing on it to ensure a good solid seal. Maintenance is as easy as taking it off every few weeks and giving it a good wash down to avoid and mold or mildew from collecting on it.
If your bathroom has a refinished surface, bathmats with no suction cups are recommended. This is just because of the small chance of the suction cup pulling up on the refinished layer. Once your refinish gets a hole in it, it’s going to start getting water and dirt built up underneath it and ultimately compromise its strength. Casted tubs are usually thick and durable and they are not likely to flake, chip or crack when under the pressure of suction cups.


Bath time shouldn’t be stressful. Non slip stickers can be used to give you that extra grip you need while you’re in there. They are ideal for casted and non-resurfaced tubs. Using stickers on resurfaced tubs may cause damage to your tub so watch out for that. Installing these is as simple as sticking them where you want.
When it comes to being safe in your bathroom, just be mindful and don’t be afraid to put bath mats all over the place if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. Nobody WANTS to fall down, but sometimes life gives you things you don’t want. If you need more tips for making your refinished tub less slippery, feel free to [link id=1802]contact us[/link]! If you want more general bathub information, check out our bathtub refinishing services page.