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Why You Really Need To Have A Pro Refinish Your Bathtub

If you look for it, their are countless DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos and articles on the internet. Authors of most of these materials mean well. Many times the instructions look clear enough to roughly follow, or if it is a video, it looks pretty simple as the person on the other side is doing it. That makes a lot of people think “hm well, if they can do it so can I!” However, it could be disastrous to your bath tub and even dangerous to attempt some of the stuff shown online. Refinishing your bathtub is one of the things you should really always let a pro do for you. Here is why:

Cheap Is Expensive

Paradoxical, isn’t it? Well, a lot of people who choose to refinish their bathtubs by themselves do so with the intentions of just saving themselves some money. In the end, getting the result you wanted from the beginning could be more costly than you initially estimated. The reason is that you probably will do a shoddy job (no offence!) and eventually you will have to call in an expert to undo the mess and go on to do what is required. This will certainly cost you more money than if you had the pros do their magic earlier on. And you’ll be stuck waiting way longer for your bathtub to be ready for use again!

You Should Be Mindful Of Your Health

Some stripping agents used in bathtub refinishing have methylene chloride in them. They also contain other chemicals such as acids and isocyanates. All these are dangerous if not properly handled. For example, methylene chloride can cause serious health effects such as skin burns, dizziness, headache, nausea, and can affect brain function and can cause one to stop breathing if the levels in the body get to a high enough level. Methylene chloride can get into your body both through contact on the skin and inhalation. Something to note about this chemical is that if you can inhale it, it means you have been overexposed (as per OSHA’s permissible exposure limits). The bathroom is generally quite an enclosed area with extremely limited ventilation, both of these factors cause the dangerous fumes to concentrate even more quickly than they would otherwise. Why risk your health and/or that of your loved ones by trying to deal with these things yourself? Leave it to the experts who come prepared with the proper personal protective equipment.

Quality And Longevity Of The Work

Homeowners love to buy and use DIY kits, for the feeling of saving a buck while doing the work themselves. Someone trying to refinish their bathtub by themselves is likely to use a paintbrush or a roller, while neither of these are ideal for the task at hand. Sooner or later the paint just starts to peel off. There are two probable reasons for this to be happening. The first being that for a good painting job, surface preparation is mandatory. Many non-experts will really struggle with this, if they even bother with it at all. Secondly, rollers and brushes will not leave a good finish like spray painting done by the pros will. The smallest gaps and imperfections left by brushes and rollers will be weak points that water and other things get into and then they will work to break down your paint and tub. A tub that is not well cleaned and prepped for refinishing will have adhesion problems among other issues. The easiest and most important prep work you can do is to clean the tub before you do anything to it.

The pros have access to a variety of colors than you likely don’t. Don’t limit yourself to the white and almond that everyone else uses. The pros can mix and match colors as you desire, making anything and everything you may like.

The Time Factor

The pros already know what they are doing and have years of experience, you on the other hand are grappling with reading instructions at the same time struggling to make sure the razor you are using to scrape doesn’t cut you. This consumes a lot of time, and good results are not guaranteed. Why not let the experts do the work on your bathtub in three to four hours so you get to use the tub within 24 hours? Rather, if you did it yourself it would probably end up being a multi-day process and in that time you’d get no use out of it! Also, the peace of mind that comes with the quality of work is worth the extra dollar.

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