Should You Reglaze Or Just Replace Your Tub?

Reglaze Or Replace?

When it’s time for that old bathroom to get a facelift, you’ll want to take a good look at the tub. Changing the bathtub will have a visual impact on the rest of the bathroom. If the bath does not match, the style and color of the other fixtures the room will look odd. On the other hand, having an ugly, stained tub seems disgusting when next to a beautiful countertop and newly installed toilet. If the cost of replacing the bathtub is unreasonable, Bathtub reglazing and refinishing may be the answer.
Reglazing a tub involves cleaning the surface thoroughly and applying a coat of acid that allows the new glaze to adhere to and seal the surface preventing further damage. When it dries, the tub is sanded down, buffed, and polished to look like new. This process is done in stages by a professional who knows how to do it right.

Refinishing Will Save You Money!

With replacement, the amount of work involved in removing the old tub and installing the new one can quickly add up to labor costs. When removing an old tub, sometimes a wall has to be removed, or a door widened.  Then the pipes need to be replaced to match the new tub, and the floor may require some adjustment.

The process of replacing a bathtub takes the entire bathroom out of commission until the new tub is installed.  The reglazing process does not disrupt using the sink or toilet.  A new bath can come with a hefty price tag. With quality tubs close to $1000, the total cost of a replacement is close to $3000. Professional reglazing costs much less.

If the tub is old, but structurally in tip-top shape, glazing is the easy way to give it a facelift.  Not all new baths are produced with the same high quality as the old ones. It comes down to economics and preference. The tub could be beyond repair where replacement is the only option, but if it’s still sturdy and not damaged, reglazing gives that old fixture a shiny, new life.

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