Bathtub Problems to Look Out For

Bathtub Problems to Look Out For

Taking a relaxing and soothing bath after a long busy day is no less than a luxury. A nice cozy tub is all you need when it comes to comfort and pampering yourself at home. If you don’t enjoy this luxury because your tub is either nonfunctional or old, a bathtub refinishing service should be your next call. Bathtub refinishing can fix many common problems.


As a tub gets older, there is a high chance that dropping something in the bathtub will cause the enamel coating to chip. Chipping causes those unsightly black marks on a white tub. But don’t worry. A bathtub refinishing service can make that tub look like new again.

Faucet & Drain

Do you have rust staining around the faucets and drains of the tub? Those are usually caused by sitting water or leaks. If it is a leak, the source should be found and repaired before refinishing takes place. Refinishing will make those areas sparkle and shine once more.


Improper coating in the bathtub’s finish can cause bubbles on the surface. This bubbling is usually due to inadequate curing of the coatings between layers. A refinishing service can strip these coatings and properly refinish the bathtub resulting in a smooth, polished look.


Cracking is a common problem with old tubs. Continued use and worn surfaces cause the cracking. Cracks can easily be repaired through the refinishing process. No need to pull the old tub out, have it refinished to give a beautiful new effect.


Is that stylish black tub looking a little gray with age? Bring back that shiny ebony finish by refinishing the bathtub. Tired of the black? Change the color. Refinishers can give the bathroom a new look by giving that tub a trendy new color.

Always hire a service that uses the highest quality products combined with proven and tested methods. Bathtub refinishing is not a DIY project, leave this one to the professionals. If the bath needs a face-lift, contact us today. Our bathroom remodeling experts will professionally resurface and repair anything from the grout between your tiles to the cast iron tub.  Call now to set up an appointment.