Save Money by Repairing and Refinishing Your Bathtub

Save Money, Refinish Your Bathtub!

After many years of loyal service, your bathtub is bound to buckle under the pressure. Bathtub drains get rusty, the tub develops stains, fixtures start falling off, the shower curtain becomes dirty and the entire bath area ends up being an eyesore. It often happens over a long period and you hardly notice the change until your bathroom is no longer, what it used to be. But you can transform the appearance of your bathroom without spending an excessive amount of money. You have probably been cringing at the costs of new bathtub installation. Refinishing your bathtub can get it looking as good as new.

Cheaper to repair than replace

Repairing your bathtub can create a dramatic change in your bathroom while spending less than half the amount it would take you to replace. First, it only takes one person to repair and reglaze the bathtub. You may need about three or four people to install the new tub and this shoots up the labor costs. Not to mention the amount that you just spent on the new tub. Refinishing tools are quite affordable too and the process takes about two days, making it cheaper.

Short bathroom downtime

Bathtub replacement may take quite a long time, about three or four days. During this time, your bathroom will be completely inaccessible since all the plumbing lines to the bathroom will be shut off. The installation experts may also come across other problems when ripping up your old bathtub that will make the process take even longer. Repairing and reglazing your old bathtub does not involve any major renovation. If the technician estimates a two-day job, you should expect them to finish in two days and you can still use the toilets, sinks and mirrors in your bathroom.

Maintain a great quality bathtub

You may have a vintage bathtub design or a well-made piece that you are not quite ready to give up. Refinishing gives you the perfect opportunity to maintain your bathroom statement piece in great condition. You do not want to toss out your bathtub quite yet, especially if it had great original craftsmanship. The bathtub refinishing in Cary  is possible for any kind of bathtub surface including porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, grout and plastic. You can get your bathtub looking as good as new without the needing to give it up altogether.
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