When Is Bathtub Refinishing Not An Option?

When NOT To Refinish Your Bathtub

Are you tired of how your bathtub looks, is it truly an eye sore to you? Do you want to give it a total makeover? There are two big main ways to change the style and appearance of your bathtub including replacing it and refinishing it. Bathtub refinishing is most often appreciated because it is far less expensive, less messy, and just easier to work with in general than a complete replacement. However, bathtub refinishing does not guarantee 100% repair. The surface of the bathtub needs to be in pretty decent condition because it merely upgrades the look rather than replaces the issues. The following are some of the aspects that cannot be fixed by mere bathtub refinishing.

What Can Refinishing Not Fix?

Surface cracks

Take note that refinishing works with the state of the already existing bathtub. Refinishing can fix bathtub cracks as long as they’re only surface cracks. However, if the structural integrity of the bathtub has truly been compromise, then refinishing will be futile. It will just put a surface layer over the cracks, which will make themselves known again quickly! The bathtub will still leak after the refinishing process, or the crack and damage may even become worse or enlarge because of the stress it’s under. There are two types of cracks, namely the structural and web-like formations.

The bathtub refinishing process cannot do anything for any structural damage. It will help the cracks for a while but return to its original damaged state rather quickly. This is because refinishing isn’t supposed to repair anything, it’s wholly there for appearances and extending existing life-span!. If you have bad cracking, you’ll need to look more to replacing your bathtub to get that all fixed up. The web-like crack forms because of cracking of the gel coating after it dries out. This just happens after you own your tub for a long period of time. This crack is only present on the surface, so as long as you’re able to sand it down and get that surface smooth you’re likely good to go for refinishing! [link id=10]Specialized Refinishing[/link] also offer crack and chip repair services if those sound worthwhile to you.


Rust is another serious issue because once it starts, it keeps spreading to the rest of the tub with a vengeance. Rust cannot be contained without complete removal. It spreads like cancer. Once it starts spreading, it is very hard to stop the process. Resurfacing can be used to extend the life of the bathtub, but this will not be a permanent solution. If just the surface of your tub is rusting, then that is not too serious of an issue, surface rust can be removed by hand. If you don’t fix surface rust as soon as you notice it, it can quickly become a much bigger problem. However, if the rust is underneath the tub, this is detrimental and you might have to replace the whole thing.

How’s your tub looking, does it have any structural damage? This shows that the pipes transporting water out of the tub might be affected and this is extremely bad. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of all the happenings in your home, it’ll save you so much money and headache in the long run! This will reduce the workload and expense since you will fix the issue before it gets out of hand. Take note that rust never truly goes away. Once it develops, it will always be there on some level, even if that be microscopically small.

Is Bathtub Refinishing For Me?

Bath tubs are a lot of work sometimes, they require care and maintenance to stay in good shape.But when you do keep it in good shape, it’ll be an awesome place for you to relax and get clean! Another great bonus in regards to refinishing services is the affordability. Learn more about bathtub refinishing in your area.

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