Why Refinishing Your Bathtub is Your Best Option

A bathtub is an excellent centerpiece in any bathroom. However, changing the appearance of your tub can change the look of your bathroom. When a bathtub starts to show some age, many homeowners look into replacing the bathtub outright. Still, this is not the best option for those interested in saving money or maintaining their bathroom design. Instead, bathtub refinishing may be the solution. Sometimes referred to as reglazing, it’s a straightforward way to revamp the color of your existing tub without breaking the bank.

Tub Refinishing

Let’s talk about who will benefit the most out of tub refinishing – owners of older homes. Bathroom styles have changed a lot. In past decades colorful bathrooms and tubs were the norms. Nowadays, things tend to be toned down, though colorful tubs are making a resurgence in some areas. Whether one is looking to tone down an existing tub or breathe new life into a dull bathtub, tub refinishing is the way to go. The homeowner can finally keep all those vintage features in their home but style them in a way that fits a new modern feel. Tub refinishing allows one to start fresh with a bathroom.

The Bathroom is One of the More Valuable Areas of the Home

If looking to add long-lasting value to a home, a well-maintained or renovated bathroom is the most impactful thing a homeowner can do. Bathtubs are designed and constructed to last for a very long time. That means unless there is significant damage, or the homeowner hates the design of the existing tub, we recommend bathtub refinishing.

Why is Refinishing Superior to Replacing?

With almost any home improvement-related job or task completed by a contractor, most of the cost is paid for labor. Experienced professional work is not cheap, but it is necessary to see long-term results.

Consider How Difficult Removing a Tub Could Be

Some tubs are modular and can easily be picked up and moved with the help of a few strong individuals. Many tubs, though, require a substantial pre-planned operation to replace. For example, most full-size tubs cannot fit through a bathroom door. Therefore, a tub has to be cut up to be removed from the bathroom – all this involves labor. On the other hand, refinishing does not require tub removal.

Bathtub Material Makes a Difference

Essentially any tub material such as cast iron, steel, or modern fiberglass can be refinished. However, inspection before refinishing is critical; some issues prevent a tub from being refinished. For example, refinishing might not be in the cards if your tub has large dents in it or visible surface rust/degradation. If you are unsure, call a professional refinisher to come and evaluate the tub. The rule of thumb is that professionals work on old tubs, but the tub needs to be in decent condition. Refinishing involves repair work, simply putting a fresh new surface on top of the existing tub surface. Great for those that want an upgrade without renovating the entire bathroom.

How Does the Surrounding Tile Look?

All of the tile surrounding your tub is another thing to consider. Replacing a bathtub also means replacing the tiles around it. If the old tile is cracked or damaged – it may be best to replace it all in one go. If the tile is not physically damaged but looks off-color or generally aged, it can be resurfaced.

Consider the Budget

The budget is probably the single most crucial factor for homeowners to keep in mind during any renovation or upgrade project. For example, when the old tub needs to be removed, the cost of demolition, plumbers, and purchasing the new tub can be pretty high. However, refinishing can give a great result without the high price tag.

Specialized Refinishing

Tub refinishing is not for everyone. But it offers a return on investment like few other home upgrades. Contact Specialized Refinishing today with any bathtub refinishing questions! We’re more than happy to answer them and set up a time to come out for an in-person consultation.