Apartment Owners: Consider Refinishing to Update Your Rental Bathrooms

Apartment buildings can require a lot of maintenance, especially between renters. While most tenants move out, leaving the rented space looking like it did when they arrived, wear and damage can still occur, especially in high-use rooms. Refinishing the bathroom between tenants is unrealistic, as efforts like bathtub refinishing can take time, but there comes a time when it needs to be done.

Bathtub Refinishing

It isn’t uncommon for bathtubs to wear over time, even with regular maintenance and cleaning. Bathtub refinishing is usually only needed if the tub is neglected or heavy use damages the surface. This dingy look can put renters off. Refinishing can help keep the bathtub looking clean and functional.

Sink Refinishing

The sink is another area of concern. Besides wear or neglect, liquids and items of all sorts tend to fall into sinks. In those instances, the surface might get chipped or stained over time. Those chips and stains may require resurfacing.

Counter Refinishing

The sink’s counter will see a lot of use through the years and various tenants. Depending on the turnover rate and the countertop’s condition, it might not be a bad idea to resurface the counters between every couple of renters.

Bathroom Updating

Updating the bathrooms adds a more polished look. It can also help provide upgrades for the bathroom that can help entice future tenants. Bathtub refinishing is one part, but the upgrade might be a moveable shower head or updated faucets. Keeping informed about market trends and what features tenants are looking for is essential for apartment ownership. But it’s never a bad idea to keep bathrooms looking clean and inviting for new renters.

In addition, the bathroom’s floor and walls will need some work in between tenants, regardless of the care and cleaning the renters took. Bathrooms are humid, which is terrible for paint. The walls might become dingy or dirty from age and start to peel. Consider using a specialty paint that resists moisture.

As for the bathtub area, the tiles above the tub shouldn’t be neglected, either. The bathroom sees a lot of use, so making sure it’s clean and up to date will ensure happy tenants that will hopefully take care of the bathroom, so the need for bathtub refinishing and other major bathroom repairs are limited to when needed.

Specialized Refinishing

Do the bathrooms in your rental units need some help? Are they looking dirty and worn? Specialized Refinishing can help. We are experts in tile, countertop, sink, and bathtub refinishing and can bring the sparkle back to your bathrooms and get you higher rent. Contact us today at 919-568-1175.