How Long DO Bathtubs Last?

How Long Is the Normal Lifespan of a Bathtub?

ugly bathtubIt's hard to enjoy or feel comfortable taking a bath in a bathtub that's old and ugly. You do not want to see mold and fungi in a bathroom. People take baths to relax mainly, and you have to be at peace to be able to relax. With a brand new tub, you don't have to think twice. As you bathtub ages, you notice more and more, and more things tend to fall apart.

One thing you can do to give your tub a new breath of life is have it refinished! This pretty much, to make it simple, involves getting rid of anything undesirable and making a nice surface that can be re-done, any color or style you want!

Factors Affecting Bathtub Lifespan

When shopping for a bathtub for your home, you are looking to find the best quality with added benefits to serve both functional and decorative purposes. These factors are different among everyone. What should you consider when looking at the longevity of bath tubs?

  • Materials

Over the years, technology has improved the functionality of products and materials are only getting stronger. Fiberglass is not only affordable and lightweight but comes with a finish that is easy to repair and alter as you choose. Cast iron tubs are durable with a finish that is resistant to chipping, denting, or scratches. But they are also super heavy, so you have to weight pros and cons. Don't skimp out on big purchase like this, get something that's going to last you and not be covered in chips/cracks within a year.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

How well you maintain your tub will play a major role in how long it serves you. When referring to cleaning and maintenance, you will consider the cleaning solutions, chemicals, and tools you use. Harsh products may seem like they work fast for you, but on the other hand, they will damage the tub’s finishing. Ensure you choose cleaning solutions that are gentle and work well with the material that you choose to purchase.

  • Installation

clean refinished bathtubThe installation process will differ from one bathtub to another. The determining factors include the weight of the material, the design of the tub, as well as the expertise of the people doing the installing. A slight hitch during the installation process will reduce the lifespan of the tub greatly.

The normal lifespan of a bathtub can be shortened if proper care and maintenance are ignored. However, you can also ensure that it serves you in the long-term by making the right material choice and by implementing proper cleaning and maintenance processes. Also, ensure that you hire professionals to install the bathtub rather than take the easy way out which may cause other faults in the future.

So, the big theme here is just keep an eye out, take good care of your things and they'll take good care of you. If you're really tired of your tub, bathtub refinishing is a fantastic option to change things up but stay in budget.