How Tile Refinishing Can Be So Transformative

How Tile Refinishing Can Be So Transformative

We all love to experiment with home décor and bathrooms are no different. There are a lot of patterns that we play with while designing a bathroom. Be it the classic vinyl floors or the statement blue tiles or the ever-trendy ultra-white; there are always choices to make this area beautiful and creative. But what if you get bored with the current design, and would like to redesign a part or even the whole of it? Well, there are many tile refinishing options.

Reglazing or resurfacing the tiles can change the look without actually removing and replacing the tiles. There are three main steps involved in the reglazing process.

  1. The first step is cleaning the surface of the bathroom tiles thoroughly. Remove the sealing agents since the reglazing agent will not adhere to it. Sometimes sanding might be required to roughen the gleamy finish.
  2. Pre-treat the tiles with priming agents like acrylic latex. This will ensure a perfect finish to the refinished tiles.
  3. The final step is to coat the surface with paint or enamel depending on the type of finish desired. An enamel coating is done over the paint to get the glazed look. A matte finish is not popular since it easily gets dirty.

The decision to refinish bathroom tiles has its own set of pros and cons. One must evaluate both and decide the best one according to the physical condition of the tiles and budgetary considerations.


  • Refinishing saves a lot of money since the cost is only paint and priming materials.
  • Customizing the tiles as per the desired effect is the most significant benefit of resurfacing -color and design are up to you.
  • The post-refinishing care is minimal and cheap
  • The small jobs can be completed in a single day


  • Depending on the amount of tiles being reglazed, the bathroom could be out of order for about two days or more.
  • The painting can be tricky and it requires the use of a respirator or a mask to safeguard from the fumes.

However, considering the advantages of refinishing over replacing the old tiles, it is a worthy bargain. Make sure to discuss with an expert regarding the quality of materials used in the process.

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