Making a Non-Slip Bathroom Area

  Statistics from the US National Safety Council (NSC) show that 90 percent of all slip and fall accidents in the bathroom are related to older people and young children.  Most of these injuries can easily be prevented if certain safety features are added to reduce the risk of slipping in the bathtub and on […]

fiberglass shower refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing Tips for all Mediums

Bathtub Refinishing Tips for Any Type of Bathtub Material When moving into a new place, unfortunately, you do not get to choose the kind of bathtub you will get in your new home. You have the options of replacing, repairing, or refinishing the bathtub in your home if it has some kind of damage or […]

New Year, New Bathtub?

The Ultimate Bathtub Refinishing for New Years Eve Guide Have you been struggling with an aged and outdated bathtub? Is your bathtub the wrong color, hard to clean, damaged or worn out? As the New Year approaches, resolutions are made as people embrace the promise of a new beginning. Out with the old and in […]

Considerations When Selecting a Bath Tub

Thing to Keep in Mind When Getting a Bath Tub A bathroom is one of the most used and unique areas of a home. A bathroom should be an area where you can unwind and enjoy a great soak in your tub and release the stress of the day tasks. Studies have shown that enjoying a hot bath has several health […]

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