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How Tile Refinishing Can Be So Transformative

How Tile Refinishing Can Be So Transformative We all love to experiment with home décor and bathrooms are no different. There are a lot of patterns that we play with while designing a bathroom. Be it the classic vinyl floors or the statement blue tiles or the ever-trendy ultra-white; there are always choices to make […]

Maintaining Your Tile and Grout

How to Maintain Your Tile and Grout Tile and grout tend to get dirty quicker than other parts of your bathroom. Grout is the combination of cement, sand, and water used in the space between tiles, binding them together. The mixture is porous and absorbs liquids quickly. And even though the tile and grout don’t […]

Why You Should Look Into Professional Bathroom Tile Refinishing

Do Your Bathroom Tiles Need Refinishing? Did you even know that bathroom tiles could be refinished? You do not have to remodel the entire bathroom; a simple tile tweak can make it look new and improved all around. Tiles wear down over time and can look damaged or dull. You might be struggling to decide […]

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In Need of Shower Tile Repair

Do the Tiles in Your Shower Look Terrible? Is your shower looking dull and dirty? No cleaning solutions seem to help get rid of the unsightly stains? You should consider getting professional assistance and save those hours of wasted time and effort. You have several options to make your bathroom tiles seem new again. Here are a few of […]

Tile Refinishing Raleigh NC

Tile Refinishing Raleigh NC We offer professional Tile Refinishing services.  Tile and grout refinishing transforms the appearance of a dated kitchen or bathroom.  The wall, shower, floor, and counter tile can be refinished without having to deal with construction and the mess associated with the re-tiling process. Our process is faster, less expensive, with no […]

Raleigh Tile Refinishing

Raleigh Tile Refinishing Service Established in 1979,  provides superior refinishing of bathtubs, ceramic tiled walls, sinks, shower bases and acrylic or fiberglass liners. Specialized Refinishing will restore the luster and beauty to your fixtures utilizing our refined process. The result is a glossy, waterproof, highly durable finish that will last. Unlike most companies that hire sub-contractors, Specialized […]

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