Acrylic vs. Gelcoat Repair of Shower Stall

Shower Repair, You’d Be Surprised What It Can Do

When a shower stall is cracked, chipped, scratched, or faded, there are two options for repair – acrylic and gelcoat. When deciding between an acrylic or gelcoat repair for a shower stall many factors should be considered. Things like durability, ease of repair, professional or DIY, and effects as aging occurs are at the top of the list. Both acrylic and gelcoat repairs have pros and cons that can make one better than the other in a particular situation.
It should be noted that if the shower stall unit already has an acrylic finish; small scratches can be buffed out without needing any repair kit.

Acrylic Repair

Acrylic is a synthesis of polymers that creates a durable, non-porous seal. Acrylic is easy to clean and will be less likely to develop mold or mildew in a shower stall because the seal created has a nonporous surface. Additionally, acrylic repairs resist staining and fading as well as having a glossier finish than a gel coat finish. The downside to acrylic is that it is more expensive than gel coat. Also, there are a limited number of DIY home repair kit options because the kits contain harsh chemicals. With small chips or cracks, it is possible for a shower stall repair to be a DIY project; however, for larger fixes, it is recommended to call professionals. Always make sure to read and follow any instructions on acrylic DIY repair kits. For longer lasting acrylic finishes, never use abrasive chemical cleaners.

Gelcoat Repair

Gelcoat is exactly what it sounds like – a coating which seals over fiberglass. The repaired patch will be durable and have a glossy finish. Gelcoat is a porous material which means that it is harder to clean and needs to be cleaned more often. This is because the porous surface allows a buildup of dirt and body oils. After a couple of years, gelcoat repairs will start to fade and discolor just like normal gel coat shower stall finishes. Gelcoat is easy for DIY repairs, and it is less expensive than acrylic repair kits. Since gelcoat is used as a finish on fiberglass hulls, most watercraft or boat stores sell relatively cheap gelcoat repair kits that come with dyes that can be used to match the color of the shower stall.
Always remember to allow any repair to cure for 24-48 hours and never use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Our fiberglass shower repair services can have you fixed up and ready to go in no time, you’ll be so glad you deiced to do it!
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