All You Need To Know About Home Refinishing

Best Ways To Refinish Your Home!

Are you just tired of the way your home looks? Do you want to change it without having to buy a new home or any really expensive add-ons? Are you looking to alter the appearance of your home on a strict budget? Well, refinishing is far and away the best option for your needs. Specialized offers a variety of refinishing services in the Raleigh NC Triangle as well as the Triad area.
Refinishing is less costly, less messy, less time consuming, and very worth it nearly every single time. Specifically, refinishing deals with repairing and reapplying paint or wood furnish to various surfaces in your home to make them look new or different. It helps to restore and renew the appearance of your home without incurring an outrageous expense. Anything in your house can be refinished such as the floor, cabinets, walls, bathtub, sinks, or even select pieces of furniture. And it can make an incredible difference once all of the work is done. Some may go spend thousands on add-ons or other projects that don’t do as much as your refinishing jobs did!

So Refinishing Fixes Everything Under The Surface?

No, not even remotely close. This method does not repair the physical surfaces themselves.It merely increases their life expectancy by giving them an extra layer of protection on the outside. This means that severe damage to the structure will alter the state of the surface permanently. Before you start refinishing anything you need to remove all clutter and junk from any area you’ll be working in. This will just help you have more useable space to work in, and give you more options with what exactly you want things to look like. You can focus on the following aspects.

  1. Painting the home: Have you ever wondered how your house would look in another paint color? It’s hard to really picture that without doing it. You could sample a few colors on the back of your home to help you decide what you want to go with, since you’ll be covering it anyways. Did you know that you can make a room appear bigger or smaller based on your choice of paint color alone? White makes the room appear larger. Thus painting white will make the walls appear to be further away than they will actually are this could work for those of us who have small rooms and want to create this illusion. More importantly, just express yourself! It’s your home, enjoy it how you want to.
  2. Wallpaper replacement: Most wallpapers in apartments and homes alike do nothing more than make the entire house feel and look more aged. You really want to look into removing any wallpaper you can part with, a nice paint job will look so much nicer overall and in the long run. If you do really want to stick with wallpaper, you now have far more choices than ever before! With all the options out there these days, there are bound to be some good looking wallpapers out there.
  3. Cabinet Refinishing: You can change their color, finish, or even details as small as the knobs. You have a ton of options depending on the material that has been used to make your cabinets. Many places around the house have cabinets including the kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, and even some living rooms. Most cabinets are made out of timber frames inclusive of the worktops, drawers and doors. Other is made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) that could be finished with a vacuum-applied vinyl sheet or supply painted. The vinyl sheet comes in various colors such as ivory, white, or even colorless. For some people, their cabinets are made from solid wood like pine, beech and oak. It all comes down to price and preference in the end.  Interested in refinishing kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Contact Specialized for the best quote on this type of refinishing.
  4. Floor: Refinishing could be good for your tile floors when you’re tired of trying to clean them but can’t remove certain spots, or the grout lines just will not go anywhere. All you will have to do is apply a new coating over the tile, or you can also apply a hard acrylic coating. This will make the tiles appear new, clean, and make them much easier to clean than before. The good thing about this option is that the tiles will be ready for use within thirty-six hours, at least.

If you get anything in your home replaced, it could take days or even weeks before all is settled and ready for use again!Don’t put yourself through that long process if you don’t have to.
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