Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Wake Forest

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Wake Forest

One of the most dramatic ways to give your kitchen a brand new look is to refinish your cupboards.
There are several options available today. The priciest alternative, of course, would be to replace the cabinets completely. But, if your cupboards are well-made and in good condition, another more cost effective path may be the better alternative for you.
The last option would be to refinish the cabinets, either by painting or staining, which can be the most cost effective of all, and offers the best return on your investment.

Cabinet Refinishing

Professional Wake Forest cabinet refinishing is the most inexpensive way to give your cabinets a new lease on life.
Cabinets in colors can be quite exciting in the kitchen: in postal blue, light pastels, whisper gray and sunny yellow can all create surprising consequences. Decorating magazines often show cabinets in spruce green, navy blue and weathered or faux finishes.
Among the latest trends will be to combine painting and staining in different areas of precisely the same kitchen cabinets, or stain in two colors. You’re just limited by your imagination! If you’re unsure which color to choose, your paint professional may offer color consultations, or you may want to get guidance from an interior designer.

Make Sure You Get Professional Service

For the best results, a professional should paint or stain your Wake Forest cabinets. Not to mention that a professional job will survive for several years, probably longer than the finish you currently have. Naturally , this will be based on the quantity of traffic that goes through the kitchen. Just as the painted wood work and doors in your home need periodic painting, so the kitchen cabinets may also need maintenance. An advantage to painted cabinets is that any nicks or worn areas can easily be touched-up, thereby prolonging the life of the paint job.
A small to medium kitchen will take about three days. Larger jobs will take from three to five days. If you have other dark wood work in your house–such as your toilets vanities, doors, casings, base, etc.–these places can be painted at the same time as your cabinets, giving the entire house a new appearance.

Contact Specialized Refinishing

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