Health Benefits Of Taking A Bath

Take a Bath for Health’s Sake

There is more to taking a bath than just getting rid of sweat and cleaning up. Health wise, one can benefit a lot from taking a soak now and then.  Imagine how it feels when the whole body is immersed in water leaving only the head on the surface. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket or like taking a long deserved deep breath. Submerging in water has been proven to reduce pain due to the pressure water places on the body.
Just being immersed in water has shown to have positive health effects on people.  Studies have shown that swimming in a natural body of water can reduce the risks of pulmonary infection to people suffering from COPD and on top of that, they improved their stamina by taking long, rhythmic breaths that made the lungs stronger.
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Relaxing Mentally and Physically

Hydrotherapy is globally practiced to relieve pain and discomfort on the spine.  These health benefits are a good reason to refinish that old bathtub.  It will cost less to repair that tub than buying a new one, but the health benefits that come from using it are priceless.
Relaxing in a bathtub after a long day of work can be both physically and mentally beneficial. Stretching the muscles, and joints while submerged in water allows the tension built up during the day to be released. The slight resistance from the water works the muscles during gentle pulling and pushing motions.
Taking a bath brings a series of other health benefits such as improved blood circulation and digestion. Pregnant women in their first stages of labor minimize pain by immersing their body in a warm bath.  Hot baths also kill bacteria and improve immunity and assist in fighting the flu. Studies show that taking a  bath increases the level of Serotonin; a chemical produced by the brain that’s responsible for happiness and well-being.
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