Reviving Old Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune

Bring Your Bathroom Back to Life With Refinishing

Your old bathroom is tucked away and out of view. This could be one of the reasons why you have never remodeled it. Or maybe you are worried about the cost of bathroom remodeling in Cary NC. Just because you do not have a huge budget does not mean you cannot revive your old bathroom. The following are some simple bathroom upgrades that will give your old bathroom and entirely new look.

A good paint job

New colors on your walls can have a huge impact on the appearance of your bathroom. First, you need to check for obvious moisture problems that causes the paint to peel or tiles to fall off. You should hire a professional to check out the problem before slapping on a new coat of paint. Remember to look for a mildew resistant paint when coating your walls afresh. Semi-gloss paint can repel moisture and is quite easy to clean.

Let some light in

Poor lighting makes your bathroom drab and depressing. The least expensive lighting fix is removing the thick shrubbery and tree branches covering your windows from the outside. You can also replace thick curtains while some light curtains that still retain your privacy. If possible, install new and brighter lighting fixtures as well to spruce things up. Designers will advice on adding a few mirrors or bright and large pictures to reflect the existing light. A room-length mirror can also create the illusion of a large room.


You can change bathroom hardware and accessories quite inexpensively. Drawer pulls in bright colors and unique materials can give your plain old vanity a brand new look. New shiny fixtures like taps and showerheads can also make things look spruced up. Other accessories include temporary accents such as toothbrush holders or bathroom rugs.

Bathtub and shower enclosures

Glass bathtubs and shower enclosures make the room look much bigger and well lit. Shower curtains are a bit outdated and look drab. Glass shower enclosures are available in a variety of designs. They are easy to maintain and clean. They add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Refinishing the old bathtub

The bathtub is a centerpiece in small old bathrooms. With time, bathtubs tend to become dull and discolored. Refinishing can give it a bright new shine and make your bathroom look as good as new coupled with the other tips mentioned above. Get professional bathtub refinishing in Cary. Contact [link id=10]Specialized Refinishing[/link] for all your bathroom refinishing, reglazing and recoloring needs!
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