Refinish shower tiles before you look to replace them

Don’t Replace Shower Tile, Restore It

After a while, shower tiles start to look tired and worn out; when this happens, they need fixing or replacing. Many people opt to replace the tiles because they feel it is their only option to get their bathroom looking great again. Replacing tiles can be quite costly. Plus, there is a lot of nagging work to be done when it comes to replacing damaged tiles for new ones. So, why not restore them to their original look as if new?
At [link id=10]Specialized Refinishing[/link], we can update bathrooms and showers for a fraction of the cost of replacing tiles. All of the tiles can be repaired, restored, refined, resurfaced, recoated, and even recolored in just one day. An old tiled shower will turn into a beautiful shower after one day with our professional restoration process. Every surface smoothed out, every piece of cement filling solidified, and its lustrous shine returned. All of this at a relatively low cost compared to replacement.

Refinishing is Almost Always Better

We at Specialized Refinishing believe refinishing, resurfacing, and recoating (glazing) is better than replacing because it is economical and it keeps the bathroom’s original look intact. Replacing shower tiles requires costly labor over multiple days involving some demolition of the shower and a whole lot of noise and dust in the bathroom. On the other hand, Specialized Refinishing can make any dull color rejuvenated to look brand new again. Refinishing shower tiles is the way to go, you get the same results at a fraction of the cost.
When replacing tiles, the shower cannot be used for over a week, whereas the restoration process requires only 48 hours of non-usage. And, that extra labor? Specialized Refinishing only sends two people to do the entire job.
Don’t do the job alone because it is a tough process to do. Specialized Refinishing has qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured workers to do it all. View our gallery of before and after projects, and references from past customers. Besides showers, Specialized Refinishing also works with sinks, cabinets, countertops, walls, and other areas in the home and office. So, don’t replace shower tiles – restore them, with the help of Specialized Refinishing.

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