Do the Tiles in Your Shower Look Terrible?

In Need of Shower Tile Repair

Is your shower looking dull and dirty? No cleaning solutions seem to help get rid of the unsightly stains? You should consider getting professional assistance and save those hours of wasted time and effort. You have several options to make your bathroom tiles seem new again. Here are a few of them for you to consider:

Bath tile restoration

Bath tile specialists utilize special techniques, equipment, and cleaning solutions to clear and grime off of your bathtub tiles. Many of the clean-up solutions marketed and sold at retail outlets for home use are usually weaker to avoid intoxication or trauma, while the stronger and more powerful products are left to the pros. They are able to clear off all of the soap scum and filth leaving the stone and ceramic tiles shining like new. This professional service is usually inexpensive. It is best suited for tiles which are not damaged but have discoloration and grim buildup issues that are severe.

Bathtub refinishing/reglazing

Bathtub tile reglazing is a fantastic option recommended for marble and ceramic tiles. Professional tile refinishing will leave your tile looking brand new. This is hands down the most economical way to do a complete bath tile makeover. The service is fast, inexpensive, and can usually be completed in one day without all the expense and hassle of completely replacing the existing tile. Shower tile reglazing may free you the expense of walls, flooring and the purchasing of new tiles.

Bath tile re-coloring

If you believe the present color of your bathroom tiles isn’t up to your expectations, re-coloring can also be a fantastic choice. In addition, it functions as a means of removing dull color and the stubborn spots out of your bathtub tiles. That is also another cost-effective method of providing your bathroom a fresh look without seeking to tear the tiles up. Shower tile refinishing and reglazing is an amazing service that can truly turn your bathroom around.

Bath tile replacement

A final alternative is to completely replace the olds tiles. Cost is one major consideration when choosing to replace existing tiles. Another important and often overlooked consideration is the time and hassle involved with this process. The tearing out of old tile creates dust and other debris that can spread through the home if not managed well. Depending on the size of the tile replacement job, workers may been in your home for days if not weeks. Replacement is an excellent way of to get rid of badly beaten tiles – though it could be very pricey. Not ready to spend a fortune on total tile replacement? Check out our services.

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