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Should You Repair or Replace Your Bathtub?

There comes a time in every porcelain bathtub’s life when the question is asked, should it be repaired or replaced? Though the easier option would seem to be to replace the old tub, that is often not the case. Porcelain bathtub refinishing is frequently a better option.

What looks like a quick and easy bathtub replacement could easily turn into a messy project requiring not only more time but more of your hard earned money as well. Bathrooms are built around tubs so removing an old tub may require cutting the tub into pieces or removing a wall just to get it out. Damage to walls and floors can occur during the removal process. Refinishing walls and repairing damage take time and money.

Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing

Kitchen and bath refinishers provide a reliable and quick alternative to the hassle of replacement, keeping the house looking great while still getting that brand-new feeling with a newly refinished tub.

Beginning with an extremely thorough clean, the experts at Specialized Refinishing use a strong acid on the surface to help the imprinting of the brand-new glaze while venting fumes outside and away. Next, a spray of urethane enamel is used then the porcelain bathtub is dried and polished with care. No tub disposal needed, no extra costs in tilework.

Thinking of a Liner?

While a liner may not require bathtub disposal costs, they are more expensive than refinishing and can have a terrible plastic feel. Cracks and seal breakage are two problems that tub liners present. Either problem allows water to snake inside walls and floors leading to high damage costs. Refinishing eliminates this terrible risk giving the homeowner peace of mind.

Thinking of a DIY Job Instead?

Although the labor costs would be saved, the process of refinishing with confidence is a task that requires training. DIY kits can contain cheap materials and may leave the tub with a rough finish that can fail in a few months, again, costing much more in the long run.

What about Customizations?

Tired of that old beige look? Want to spice up that white tub with something more pleasing to the eye? When choosing to refinish a bathtub, there is the freedom of customization as well. You are your designer! There is a choice of color and finish.

Say good-bye to demolition crews and unexpected labor and get back to using the bathtub faster by allowing the kitchen and bathtub refinishers at Specialized Refinishers to put their trained and certified expert knowledge to work for you. With same-day service the locally owned and operated Specialized Refinishers is the premier choice for your Triangle bathtub refinishing needs.

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