Bathroom Sink Refinishing

If your bathroom sink has lost its shine, then you might think that the only option is to buy a brand new one. The same goes for a crack in your sink- after all, surely once it is damaged, there’s nothing to be done, right? However, in most cases, a professional bathroom sink refinishing will have that tired old sink looking as good as new, all for just a fraction of the price of a replacement.
The process begins by carefully cleaning the sink so that not even a speck of grime or dirt remains. Then, all chips and cracks in the porcelain or enamel are delicately repaired, so that the refinishing work is entirely seamless before a new layer of finishing is added. Finally, the sink is sanded down so that the refinishing looks completely natural- you’d never know that it wasn’t a brand new sink!

Save Money & Time!

One of the best things about bathroom sink refinishing is that you can have the sink finished in any color you like. Whether you want to keep the original color or switch it up to fit with a brand new look for your bathroom, the choice is yours. A refinishing also allows you to keep the existing sink if other bathroom fittings are changed so that you don’t have to invest in a whole new sink that matches the new color scheme. Refinishing is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to save some money when having their bathroom refitted.
The whole bathroom sink refinishing process takes only 1-2 days and can increase the lifespan of your bathroom sink by up to 15 years. For just a few hours’ work, you’ll be able to enjoy your sink for many more years to come- definitely a winning proposition. So, whether you want to give your old bathroom sink a new lease on life, or fix a nasty crack, a refinishing could well be the solution for you. Trust the experts at Specialized Refinishing, and say hello to a sink that looks just like new, at a fantastic price! Call [phone] today.