Changing Your Bathroom Tile Color Without Replacing It

Things can quickly add up and get pricey when looking to remodel your bathroom. So, finding areas where you can save money is a priority. That’s why refinishing your bathroom tile might be a better option than replacing it. Reglazing your bathroom tile will give the room a new look and feel and leave you with fewer out-of-pocket expenses. These savings can leave room in your budget for other projects.

Tile Reglazing

Refinishing is the simplest and most affordable way to renovate your bathroom tile. It will brighten the dull color and reseal the grout, making cleaning easier moving forward. It’s a long-term solution and will immediately add value to your home without having to demolish your bathroom.

Depending on how much surface area you need to refinish, it could be a one-day project, even a couple of hours if you know where to start. Once your tile has been refinished, it must not be disturbed for at least 48 hours for curing.

The cost difference between refinishing and replacing your bathroom tile is considerable. You’ll not only save money on additional supplies, like tons of new tile, but you’ll also save a ton on labor. Replacing your tile can be a long project, sometimes costing more than the original quote. With refinishing, the price is pretty standard.

Refinishing vs. Repainting Bathroom Tile

While it may seem like a quick fix, painting tile is never a good idea. Painting can leave streaks, bubbles, and more. Ordinary paint does not adhere to these surfaces well, and over time, it will begin to peel, flake, and chip. It may look good once you’re finished, but if you look closely, you’ll be able to tell the tile was repainted instead of refinished due to the finishing looking much less glossy.

Reglaze and be Happy

Overall, repainting your tile can leave you with more work later on, while refinishing will give you the new ambiance you’ve been looking for while holding up much longer. Not to mention it’s a fraction of the price compared to renovating your bathroom. Another upside to refinishing these surfaces is it extends way beyond the bathroom. You can use these refinishing techniques on your kitchen countertops, bathtub, shower pan, and more.

Specialized Refinishing

Is the tile in your bathroom looking old and dull? Specialized Refinishing can help. We are tile reglazing experts. We can give those old tiles a shiny new look to make your bathroom sparkle. Contact us today at 919-568-1175 and see what we can do for you.