Over time, it is common to find cracked tiles and outdated colors on the bathroom walls. This is caused by humidity, which is common in bathrooms and kitchens, and erodes the tiles. Most people solve this with an entire renovation project to give their bathroom a new and updated look. However, there is a more effective and clean way to refresh your space. Tile reglazing is taking the refinishing industry by storm, because it produces minimal disruption to your home and is an affordable way to update your walls. 

At Specialized Refinishing, we have provided professional recoloring and resurfacing services for more than twenty-eight years. Our licensed professionals work with the best materials on the market. For us, the materials are as important as the people who use them. The key to our success is a strong belief in what we do, and the expert workforce that does it. If you are wondering how to update your old bathroom tiles and upgrade the overall look of your bathroom, keep reading to find out. 

Benefits of Painting Your Bathroom Tiles

You may wonder if repainting your bathroom tiles is worth it. Most people can’t tell the difference between a newly installed bathroom tile and a refinished one. Not only can it make a difference to how your bathroom looks, but it’s also cost-effective. This convenient option also saves you money, as our team usually finishes the job in four or five hours, without the mess and hassle included in replacement projects.

Painting your bathroom tiles comes with several benefits:

  • You can easily match the rest of your bathroom’s décor, because you can choose any color or type of paint that you want. We can make your bathroom look as good as new.
  • It’s an incredibly affordable way to give your bathroom a refresh without paying for expensive renovations. Using minimal resources, we can give your bathroom a long-overdue upgrade.
  • It’s a stress-free way to spruce up your bathroom. Unlike replacement projects, refinishing doesn’t require unnecessary hammering, sawing or demolition. 

We believe so much in our work that we even provide a written lifetime warranty. We guarantee durable and professional results. 

Why Refinishing is Better Than Replacing

Painting your bathroom tiles is a great way to save money and give the room a whole new look. But is it really better to refinish the tiles, rather than replace them?

Refinishing is more cost-effective when compared to tile replacement, and it’s an easier process. You’ll save time and energy as it produces minimal disruption, especially if you have a large surface to reglaze. If you want to keep your bathroom looking fresh and attractive without breaking the bank, refinishing will give you the best results in the shortest possible time.

We use the best materials for a factory grade finish and usually get the work done in four to five hours. The goal of our family run business is the satisfaction of our clients, so we even offer a written lifetime warranty. Refinishing is an economical and smart way of upgrading the look of your bathroom, without the expensive costs that replacing includes. 

Tips for Painting a Bathroom Wall

While we suggest hiring a professional company, you can also paint your tiles on your own. If you want to know how to paint tiles in your bathroom, continue reading for our expert advice. 

Prepare the Area

Before you even start to paint, make sure to take the necessary precautions. Clean the tiles with an appropriate cleaner, sand the surface to help improve adhesion of the paint, and remove dust or dirt.

Use Specialized Paint

The wall that you’re painting is made of tiles, so you’ll need specific paint for this material. At Specialized Refinishing we work with every type of material: fiberglass, ceramic, metal, plastic, and more.

Hire a Professional 

Although painting a tiled bathroom wall can be done by yourself, it’s always better to get professional help from a company that specializes in repairing, refinishing, and reglazing all types of surfaces. 

Final Thoughts

If your bathroom tiles have seen better days, think twice about replacing your whole bathroom. Refinishing is a hassle-free and affordable solution that will make your bathroom look as good as new. At Specialized Refinishing, we’ve been satisfying customers by transforming their homes for over twenty-eight years. If you want to upgrade your bathroom while avoiding the difficulties and mess associated with a complete tile overhaul, don’t hesitate to contact us!