To continue with the bathroom refinishing theme we started with our earlier blog this month, here are some more tips to consider when handling a bathroom refinishing project.

Emphasize Lighting

One of the most important aspects to consider when handling a bathroom refinishing task is lighting. An ordinary light fixture may not be the best option for those who want a glamorous appearance. Depending on your bathroom size and style, try lighting that isn’t thought of as bathroom lighting like a chandelier.  Have fun thinking outside of the “bathroom lighting” aisle.  Most fixtures are not that expensive, and yet the aesthetic value they add is priceless.

Louvered shutters

Adding better illumination is an excellent point to consider when planning a bathroom refinishing task. Louvered shutters add privacy and are an affordable yet effective way of making the bathroom a pleasant and more rich-looking place.

Two-Tone Coloring

When selecting a color for bathtub refinishing work, it is better to plan a two-toned theme. White color with a subtle matching color is perfect for almost any bathroom. If you step outside this standard, be sure your colors don’t clash and are not too overpowering for a small room.

Faux Candles

When it comes to soft lighting, one of the best options to consider is faux candles. These candles come in various sizes and are surprisingly affordable. Besides the affordability, these candles are capable of adding a luxurious appearance to any bathing area.

Vinyl Tile

When wanting a different look on the floor, vinyl tiles are the most affordable type of flooring. These tiles are durable and resistant to water. In addition to that, they come in a large number of options in terms of designs and colors.   A unique floor can be created by mixing and matching the tiles.  Vinyl tiles are easy to apply.

Go Rustic

A rustic rack (to hold the towels) is a very affordable but a beautiful addition. One beautiful piece as a focal point in your bathroom can create a whole new feel.  Add a few smaller accessories in color or style, and your bathroom takes on an entirely new look. Some racks can be easily installed on the wall, and others are free standing. Don’t want to invest in an antique? – Less expensive reproductions are available in many retail outlets.

Wall-Mounted Cupboard

Attaching a cupboard to the wall adds a surprisingly lovely aesthetic without disturbing the available floor space. Before mounting be sure the doors are easily opened without hitting other fixtures and not too high to be inaccessible to household members. If you want your existing cabinets upgraded, we can do cabinet refining for you too!

Before starting a bathroom refinishing project, it is advised that the property owner have a contingency fund in hand (funds beyond the planned budget); this can be handy in case of unexpected expenses.

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