Are you looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom? One of the best ways is to remove those old, worn-out plastic shower walls and replace them with something more stylish or modern. If you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, this can be a bit tricky. 

Thankfully, there’s an easier, professional solution—Specialized Refinishing. We have experience with shower reglazing and repairing, restoring, refinishing, and recoloring existing surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms so you don’t have to do the job yourself.

Let’s take a look at why it’s important to remove plastic shower walls carefully and how Specialized Refinishing can help make it easier.

Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Acrylic and fiberglass shower wall panels are popular choices for do-it-yourself home improvement projects due to the simplicity of their installation. However, the same can’t be said for removing them without causing damage to the walls. While removing glued panels might only result in torn drywall paper, direct-to-stud panels require removing part of the wall to expose the nailing flange. This is particularly troublesome if the wall is tiled since at least one row of tiles along the top and side edges of the surround have to go.

While removing plastic shower walls may seem like something you can do on your own, it’s best to hire professionals from Specialized Refinishing Company who know exactly what they are doing. We also know how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower

Our teams possess specialized tools and knowledge essential for safely removing plastic without damaging your bathroom or putting you at risk of injury. So, leave the job in our hands and enjoy a hassle-free experience with perfect results.

The Benefits of Specialized Refinishing

While removing plastic shower walls yourself may seem like an attractive option at first glance, there are several benefits that come with opting for Specialized Refinishing instead. We can repair any damaged areas without having to replace them.

We specialize in restoring surfaces back to their original condition by using specialized techniques and products. In addition, we offer refinishing services for areas such as showers or tubs with new colors or textures to match your existing décor while also protecting against future damage or wear and tear. We can help if you don’t know how to repair plastic shower walls.

Remove Plastic Shower Walls Carefully

If you decide to go ahead with removing your plastic shower walls yourself, there are some steps you should follow in order to do so safely. Removing glued shower wall panels is simpler than removing direct-to-stud panels, a process that requires extra tools and time to do right. 

While heating the front of each glued panel with a hair dryer can help soften the adhesive for easy removal, it’s best to try first removing them without heat to avoid creating a gooey mess.

First, use a putty knife or a razor blade to carefully cut away any caulking around the edges of the wall panels. Next, use a putty knife or pry bar to carefully pull the panels away from the wall, making sure not to scratch or dent any surfaces such as tiles or wood finishes that are in close proximity. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner with an extraction hose attachment on low suction power to suck up any dust particles created by the removal process.

Once this is done, you will need a few tools such as a drill with a hole saw attachment, a utility knife, and some kind of lubricant (e.g., WD-40). To begin removing the plastic shower wall, use the hole saw attachment on the drill to create small holes around the edges of each panel. This will allow you to insert the utility knife into each hole and cut away pieces of the wall until it is completely removed. Make sure that you lubricate each hole beforehand so that your utility knife doesn’t get stuck.

Finally, remove any remaining adhesive residue with alcohol. For tougher residues, place an alcohol-soaked rag on the spot and let it sit for several minutes to soften the adhesive. After that, rub away any leftover residue for a clean surface.

Let the Professionals Do It

Removing old plastic shower walls isn’t always easy. However, with Specialized Refinishing’s expert services, it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Our experienced team has all the necessary tools and skills needed for safely removing your old walls while also providing the exact services you need to leave your bathroom looking better than ever before!