If you have a fiberglass shower, you know that keeping it clean can be a challenge. Fiberglass showers are durable, popular, and relatively inexpensive, but they do require some special care in order to keep them looking their best because they can also be prone to staining and discoloration with time. 

Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take to restore the shine of your fiberglass shower. If cleaning alone isn’t enough to bring back its original luster, consider shower refinishing. Specialized Refinishing Company has the expertise to make your shower stall look like new again.

What Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a type of reinforced plastic made with fibers of glass that are embedded in a resin matrix. It’s lightweight, strong, and waterproof—all qualities that make it an ideal material for bathrooms. 

Fiberglass showers are also relatively easy to install and maintain compared to tile or natural stone showers. However, the one downside of fiberglass showers is that they can easily become stained or discolored over time with water spots and soap residue buildup.

Cleaning Solutions

Fortunately, there are several do-it-yourself (DIY) cleaning solutions you can use to help keep your fiberglass shower clean and shiny. The most common is white vinegar mixed with baking soda and water. Simply mix the ingredients together until you get a paste-like consistency, then apply it directly onto the surface of your shower using a damp cloth or sponge. Let the mixture sit for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Alternatively, you can use nonabrasive cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol if you don’t have white vinegar on hand.

When it comes to removing stains, citrus is also a great natural cleanser that also has a pleasant scent. It’s effective for generic stains, smells, and discoloration due to its mild yet powerful citric acid content. Generously sprinkle baking soda on the face of a halved piece of citrus fruit, then gently rub the fruit against the fiberglass shower. After letting the baking soda sit for about thirty minutes, rinse the shower with hot water until all of the baking soda washes down the drain.

For tougher stains, such as rust or hard water marks, you may need more powerful cleaning solutions such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water—always follow instructions carefully when using these products. 

You should also avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners or steel wool pads on your fiberglass shower as these can cause scratches and other damage over time. 

Even better, let the professionals handle the job. Specialized refinishing companies can make your bath look like new. They also know how to remove plastic shower walls without destroying your bathroom.

Professional Surface Refinishing 

There’s always the option of hiring a professional from Specialized Refinishing who is adept at repairing, restoring, refinishing, and recoloring existing surfaces in bathrooms. Their services can include completely stripping down the surface of your bathroom fixtures and then recoating them with specialized paints and finishes designed specifically for these spaces. This process not only restores the original look and feel of your bathroom surfaces but also helps protect them from further damage caused by moisture & general wear and tear.

Consider taking advantage of our professional services to repair, restore, refinish, resurface, reglaze, and recolor your fiberglass shower or bathtub at a fraction of the cost it would be to replace it. 

Avoid covering up a stained fiberglass shower or bathtub with an insert. Instead, opt for our professional refinishing service to make your fiberglass shower look like new again.

Deep Cleaning Frequency

When it comes to deep cleaning your fiberglass shower, experts recommend doing so at least once every six months or so depending on how often you use it. More frequent deep cleanings may be necessary if you have hard water which can cause extra staining and discoloration over time.  Additionally, regular maintenance such as wiping down after each use and scrubbing away any residual soap scum after every bath/shower will go a long way in helping your shower look its best.

Make Your Bathroom Shine Like New

Keeping your fiberglass shower looking its best requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Thankfully, there are several techniques available that make restoring its shine easy to do. These range from white vinegar mixtures to retaining Specialized Refinishing Company to do the repairing, restoring, refinishing, and recoloring of existing surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms for you.

Regardless of what method you decide on, be sure to give your fiberglass shower at least one deep clean every six months (more if needed) for optimal results—happy scrubbing!