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Shower Refinishing – Tile or Fiberglass

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fiberglass shower refinishingEveryone loves a relaxing hot shower after a long taxing day at work. However, if your shower is broken, you won’t be able to enjoy this amazing things. Deciding what exact type of shower tile you want for your renovation is something to not be overlooked, you want the most enjoyment possible! The decision is dependent on 3 factors:

  • Budget
  • Available Space
  • Personal Preferences

Both fiberglass and tile shower walls are completely waterproof and protect the walls from any moisture. Tile showers look stunning and offer a variety of choices and cool design options that you can go for. Fiberglass showers have a seamless look with a range of textures, patterns and colors for any space. Fiberglass may sound like a strange medium to use, but its probably the best thing around and it will be that way for a while!
With all these options, consider the pros and cons of each type of shower before making your decision.
Fiberglass: Advantages

  • Installing fiberglass showers is faster and easier compared to tiles. Regardless of what it is done by professionals or DIY it is less time consuming.
  • More cost-effective than tile walls
  • Fiberglass is lighter and can be installed in tricky areas. A tile will have to be cut and shaped to fit strange areas.

Tile showers: Advantages

  • Huge range of available designs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Adjustable to any space

When it comes to installation and costs, DIY installation of tiles will require a considerable amount of effort and time to finish unlike DIY installation of fiberglass showers. Tile showers are preferably installed by a professional. Fiberglass showers are less time consuming and more cost effective compared to tile showers.

Maintenance and cleaning

In order to maintain and clean shower tiles, quite a lot of time and effort is required. The tiles can be easily wiped to clean them. However, to prevent deep mildew growth and terrible looking stains, it is important to invest in a good grout cleaner. Our grout cleaning services can take your shower from 0 to 100 quickly! Regularly use the grout cleaner to clean the grout lines. Furthermore, the grout should be properly sealed to prevent hard to remove stains and cracks. Once your grout is super dirty and covered in mildew, it’s pretty hard to get clean again. Your only option is to go in with something to scrub with and some good deep cleaning mildew and stain remover. Then, scrub until it’s all gone! It will probably take hours to get your shower totally clean, so try your best to not let it get to that point.
fiberglass shower refinishingA fiberglass shower requires less maintenance. A damp cloth could be quickly used to clean them. Moreover, when it comes to stubborn stains and dirt you can clean the shower using an approved fiberglass cleaner or simple vinegar water. However, fiberglass showers do not last long just because of how it’s made. The fiberglass material is protected from water damage by the gel coating transferred from the mold to fiberglass shower. As a result, the fiberglass is porous beneath the gel coating which wears out overtime. In the end, the fiberglass materials become exposed. The excessive moisture and frequent wetting and drying will cause cracks on the fiberglass shower. Eventually it will need to be replaced.
Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of both fiberglass showers and tile showers, you can make a well informed decision on the basis of your budget, space, and long term costs. Tile showers will require more time, cost and energy in installation and maintenance. However, in the long run they really just do not need to be replaced. On the other hand, fiberglass showers are cheaper, have improved resistance to scratches and are easier to install. Unfortunately, they will need to be replaced sooner than tile would when the gel coating wears away.
With low budgets, opt for fiberglass showers but set aside some money for replacements long-term. If money is available, invest in tile showers to save you the hustle in the long-run. It mostly just depends on what you can do at the time and your future plans. Fiberglass shower repair is the best option for getting your shower back to its former glory!

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