Maintaining Your Tile and Grout

How to Maintain Your Tile and Grout

Tile and grout tend to get dirty quicker than other parts of your bathroom. Grout is the combination of cement, sand, and water used in the space between tiles, binding them together. The mixture is porous and absorbs liquids quickly. And even though the tile and grout don’t make up much of the bathroom, they are most noticeable when dirty. Sometimes, the grout isn’t even dirty – it has only absorbed liquids making it look dirty.

Tackling Tough Grout Stains

When the spaces between the tiles appear dark and dingy, the whole floor or wall seems dirty even when the tile surfaces are clean. Before you start cleaning the grout, sweep the floor thoroughly. Removing debris prevents the dirt from becoming wet, causing additional stains. Once swept, use a non-abrasive tile and grout cleaner to remove any oil, scum, or mildew.
If there is a particular area that is stained, use hydrogen peroxide to brighten it. Use a stiff-bristled brush and scrub in circular motions to remove grime. A soft cleaning cloth can be used to remove any puddles on the tiles so that it doesn’t settle on the clean grout. You can use a steam cleaner on the stubborn spots and stains for a fast clean.

Keeping Your Tiles Clean

Depending on the quality of the tiles, maintaining clean tiles is not hard. Modern tiles are made with a glazed finish that protects the stone beneath. If your tiles aren’t glazed, have a sealant applied for durability and easier cleaning. Ceramic tiles don’t have high porosity, and this means you have more time to clean before stains set. Granite tiles are highly porous, meaning they stain easily. Porcelain, which is the most popular tile material, has low porosity and doesn’t stain.

Maintaining Your Tile and Grout

Cleaning your tile and grout will be a simple task with routine maintenance. Sweep and vacuum regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt or debris. Clean all liquid spills as soon as possible before they settle and become stains. Use sponges or brushes that are firm enough to loosen dirt but not scratch the tiles. To make the work easier, purchase quality tile and grout cleaning supplies and equipment.
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