Advantages of Sink and Countertop Refinishing Raleigh NC

Advantages of Sink and Countertop Refinishing Raleigh NC

Your home ages with time and parts of it that started off looking shiny and attractive end up dull and drab. This is around the time when you start thinking of remodeling and getting new fixtures. The process of remodeling can be quite costly and you may have to leave out a few items from your budget. Some of the items you can leave out include your sink and countertop since you can refinish these to give them a fresh new look. You do not need as much money to restore the beauty of your sink and counter top as you do buying new ones.

Sink Refinishing Services Raleigh

People often come to us with questions about refinishing their sinks for the same reasons people call us about bathtubs. Discoloring? Chipped? Cracked? Just hate the color? Specialized handles ALL of those issues for you quickly and painlessly. Kitchen sink refinishing and bathroom sink refinishing – we’ve been doing these types of projects for years now.
You can rest assured that if it can happen, we’ve likely seen it in some Raleigh home. We’ve seen and corrected thousands of these types of projects since we opened our doors. We are proud that our results can speak for themselves in the Raleigh area and beyond! We also ensure that we only use the absolute highest quality supplies, our clients deserve only the best.

What is refinishing

The refinishing process is the recreation of a new surface that looks similar to the original one. The final work is quite durable and can provide loyal service for many years to come. During the refinishing process, the technician will clear away the broken chips, imperfections and cracks by sanding down the old sink to a smooth surface. The old dented surface is replaced with a new coating to create the final new surface. Sink refinishing and countertop refinishing are great options, you’ll be amazed by the results that come out of it!

It is affordable

This is the best way to give your home a new look without burning a hole through your pockets. The materials used to refinish the surfaces are quite inexpensive and the technician will be done in a day or so. You do not have to spend too much on labor as well but the results are amazing.

Restores the original look

If you love your old sink and can find nothing quite like it in the market today, you are probably not willing to toss it in the trash for a different one. Refinishing the sink is the best way to have your cake and eat it too. You get to keep your sink as it is but with a brand new look that makes it look like something off the shelve.

Flexible finishing

Sink and vanity refinishing in Raleigh will give you the opportunity to choose whether to maintain the original appearance of the sink or replace it with an entirely new color and finishing design without spending money on a new one. This is the easiest way to change the appearance of your home within the shortest time possible. Replacing your sink and countertop takes time and many other unexpected costs may arise to fix the plumbing and garbage disposal. Don’t forget about countertop refinishing too to accompany your new looking sink!
Looking for a professional refinishing company in Raleigh NC? Get in touch with [link id=10]Specialized Refinishing[/link] today. Call (919) 747-4800 for more info!

Kitchen Sink Refinishing Raleigh NC

We are your local experts when it comes to Kitchen Sink Refinishing!  Sinks come in all types, shapes and sizes.  These include drop in sinks, under mounted sinks, pedestal sinks, farm sinks, wall-hung sinks and molded sinks.  We can repair ceramic sinks and we can reglaze  plastic sink and can do porcelain sink reglazing!  Porcelain sink reglazing is difficult for most people but we have done many of them with great results. We can even reglazing enamelware with many colors to choose from! We can refinish any style of sink to the color of your choice! Please call us for a FREE Quote or complete the contact form to the right of this page.  We would love to have the opportunity to show you our top notch quality when it comes to relazing YOUR kitchen sink.

Pick Your New Colors

We have many colors to choose from and can refinish with any sheen you would like on your kitchen sink.  Want something more than that original white?  Planning on doing a whole new style and design in your kitchen?  We’ve got the colors that are sure to please.

Your Sink is Just a Start

You may be contacting us just for that specific reason – get that ugly, ugly sink back in presentable form, but… That sink  could be trying to tell you that it’s time to think about giving your whole kitchen a review.  If you’re thinking that this may be the case, and that kitchen is really starting to look old to you, contact Specialized Refinishing for awesome ideas on how to turn that old kitchen into your own personal “destination” with cabinet refinishing, countertop refinishing and more.  Ugly tile throughout the kitchen? You KNOW who to call!
If you’d like to talk to us about more comprehensive kitchen remodeling / refinishing, please call us today for your FREE Quote!
Kitchen sink refinishing Raleigh NC is a fantastic service, could it benefit you? If so please feel free to [link id=1802]Contact us[/link] anytime!
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