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You work hard to keep your home looking nice, but if you have elements and fixtures that are outdated or damaged, it can make your whole house feel run down. We want to help you restore your home with sensible, effective repair and refinishing services that get beautiful, long-lasting results in a fraction of the time and cost of replacement. Instead of trying to budget and plan for extensive renovations, learn how we can restore, refinish, and reglaze bathtubs, countertops, and cabinets throughout your home and make them look brand new.

Bathtub Refinishing in Holly Springs, NC

Bathtub refinishing is our most popular and most requested service. Whether your tub is a gorgeous old clawfoot that has taken damage over time, or it’s a fiberglass tub that’s outdated or discolored, we can give it a much-needed makeover.  With our effective, efficient bathtub refinishing, we can make stains, scratches, and ugly colors a thing of the past.

Sink Refinishing Services

Discoloration and damage aren’t just for bathtubs, they can make your sink look unattractive, too. We can take care of them with our bathroom and kitchen sink refinishing services. Have a gorgeous farmhouse sink in your kitchen that has seen better days? There’s no need to get rid of it, when we can refinish it quickly and easily!

Shower Tile Reglazing and Repair

Tiled showers can feel luxurious and beautiful, but if your tile is old, cracked, and chipped, it can feel anything but. You want a new shower, but scraping away the old tile and putting up new is a major task that can cost thousands of dollars (and look awful if not done correctly). With our professional shower tile refinishing and reglazing, you can have the modern luxury you dream of without the stress and mess.

Fiberglass Gelcoat Shower Refinishing and Repair

We don’t just reglaze tile, we also offer fiberglass shower repair and refinishing which can revitalize your shower a new look in just a few hours. Not only is this ideal for outdated or ugly colors like pink, green, or gold fiberglass showers and bathtubs, we also fix any damage as part of our repair and refinishing.

Countertop and Vanity Refinishing

Kitchen trends change in style and the trend you loved 10 years ago may look outdated today. Even if you have a timeless counter, wear and use may have left behind ugly scorch marks, scratches, and stains, that make you want to rip it out and start from scratch. Before you do, consider our  countertop and vanity refinishing that is a long lasting, beautiful coating that’s completed in a matter of mere hours. We have an amazing variety of colors and patterns, including finishes designed to look exactly like popular granite, marble, and quartz!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

Kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen aesthetic. The right cabinets can make your space feel modern, light, and lovely, or they can make it feel dark, small, and claustrophobic. Instead of tearing out perfectly good cabinets that are maybe just a bit worn or you don’t like the color, we offer kitchen cabinet refinishing, resurfacing, staining, and painting. You’ll have your dream kitchen without the stress and hassle of new cabinet installation.

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