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With kitchen and bathroom updates from Specialized Refinishing, you can have the home of your dreams without spending a fortune! We offer a wide variety of repair and refinishing services that can transform the look of your kitchen, bathroom, and many other areas of your home in a fraction of the time and cost of what a renovation would require. Instead of trying to save tens of thousands of dollars for extensive renovations, find out how we can restore, refinish, and reglaze bathtubs, countertops, and other fixtures throughout your home and turn outdated and unattractive into bright, clean, and modern.

Bathtub Refinishing in Zebulon, NC

The most requested service we offer is bathtub refinishing.  Trying to remove a bathtub and install a new one in its place is much harder than most people realize because much of the bathroom was built after the bathtub was installed. Finding a tub that fits in the old space and installing it without demolishing the existing walls and flooring is almost impossible, so, instead of ripping out an old bathtub, we can refinish it. We can fix most surface damage, including stains, chips, cracks, and even ugly colors.  For the absolute highest quality bathtub refinishing in the Zebulon area, call us! Our experienced team will breath new life into an outdated or banged-up bathtub and have it looking brand new and just how you want it.

Sink Refinishing Services

Rust stains, discoloration, and chips aren’t reserved for bathtubs, they are common problems for old, porcelain sinks, too. With our bathroom and kitchen sink refinishing services, we can get rid of the chips, stains, and flaws that make it look old and worn out and restore it to a new appearance or give it a new glaze of color. Have a gorgeous farmhouse sink in your kitchen with some rust or stains? You don’t need to replace it when we can revitalize it.

Shower Tile Repair and Refinishing

Tiled showers are lovely and can be easy to keep clean, but as time passes, the tile shows its age. Chips, cracks, and ugly colors can be fixed, though, without the expensive, messy process of having to tear down the old tile and replace it. Our professional shower tile refinishing and reglazing can give your shower an entirely new look without having to gut your entire bathroom.

Fiberglass Gelcoat Shower Refinishing and Repair

We don’t just refinish and reglaze tile and porcelain, we also refinish and repair fiberglass showers! Just like the sink and bathtub, why throw out a good shower when our fiberglass shower repair and refinishing experts can  make your current one as good as new. We clean up chips, cracks, and flaws as part of our repair and refinishing so you can feel confident that our work will last and look amazing with proper care.

Countertop and Vanity Refinishing

Counters and vanities see a lot of traffic, and it shows through scratches, scorch marks, chips, and stains. Even if your counter is pristine, an outdated color or design will immediately make your kitchen look shabby and old. Instead of sending your perfectly good counters or vanities to the landfill, you can get countertop and vanity refinishing completed in a matter of hours! Specialized Refinishing Co. has an incredible variety of colors and patterns, including finishes designed to look exactly like popular granite, marble, and quartz, so you can have beautifully restored counters that update your space.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

Kitchen cabinets aren’t just for function, they’re a design element, too. You want them to be attractive, but tearing out perfectly good cabinets is expensive and wasteful. Fortunately, we can take care of this too with  kitchen cabinet refinishing, resurfacing, staining, and painting. You’ll have your dream kitchen without the stress, mess, and expense of new cabinet installation.

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